Best Smart Rings For Payments 2023!!!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Best Smart Rings For Payments

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In this article, let us have the privilege to introduce you to the best smart rings for payments. Since COVID, we are all leaning on contactless payments. With emerging technologies like smart rings, it became easier to go with contactless payments. 

Ultrahuman Ring Air and Oura Rings are popular smart rings for health and fitness tracking. However, there are smart rings that can be used in payments and other tasks apart from tracking health and fitness parameters. If you are in search of the best smart rings for payments, this article has got your back. 

The list of the best smart rings for payments may surprise many people as most tech enthusiasts think that smart rings are meant for health and fitness tracing only. The secret relies on NFC technology, similar to credit and debit cards.

McLEAR is the pioneer brand that brought contactless payment rings to the market. However, there are many emerging brands that are now competing with McLear. So, waste no more time, and let’s start exploring the nine best smart rings for payments, in this article. 

Best Smart Rings For Payments

Roaming cashless is trendy these days. This is not just fashion but convenient as well. Why carry so much cash when you can swipe your card or make contactless payments using smartphones and smartwatches? And now, there is one more gadget on this list! Best smart rings for payments are now available in the market. Here are nine reliable and high-rated smart rings for payments, just for you: 

1. McLEAR RingPay 2

Best Smart Rings For Payments_McLear RingPay 2
Image Credits: McLEAR

As we all know, McLEAR is the pioneer brand that first introduced contactless payment rings to the market! Before McLEAR, most of the smart rings that were available in the market were focused on health and fitness. McLEAR RingPay is still iconic for introducing passive smart rings that require no charging at all! Moreover, you can manage more than one ring to serve different purposes (business or personal)

The McLEAR RingPay app offers complete control to add or remove rings anytime. Hence, even if you lose the ring, it is just a matter of a few seconds to suspend the ring. Apart from that, the app also includes features like expenditure tracking, cashback rewards, automatic recharges, and even donations

2. Quontic Pay Ring

Best Smart Rings For Payments_Quontic Pay Ring
Image Credits: Smart Ring News

Quontic pay ring is one of the most important pay rings in the list of the best smart rings for payments. Why? This is because this is the first wearable payment smart ring that is issued by a bank in the U.S.

The Quontic Bank is offering this free pay ring to their ‘checking account customers’. This NFC ring is also a passive device and does not require any charging. If you lose the ring, you can shut it using the app. 

3. Cnick

Best Smart Rings For Payments_Cnick
Image Credits: Basic Tutorials

The only contactless payment ring available or accepted in most of the European countries is Cnick. Whether you are from the U.K., Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, or Sweden, Cnick will help you to pay contactless. Cnick uses a token instead of your account number and makes sure that your account number is not shared. 

Moreover, Cnick basic models will cost you €119, super affordable! You can also get a custom Cnick ring for €135

4. Evering 

Best Smart Rings For Payments_Evering
Image Credits: Smart Ring News

Evering is the first contactless payment ring in Japan and one of the best smart rings for payments. If you have a card issued in Japan, you can connect it with the Evering, and can be used in any terminals that support contactless payments. 

However, Evering does not support debit or prepaid cards, which can be considered a flaw. Evering is available in five different colors black, white, silver, purple, pink, and orange. Like other payment rings, Evering is also a passive ring and does not need charging. The ring will cost you 19,800 yen.

5. ‍OPN Ring

Best Smart Rings For Payments_OPN Ring
Image Credits: Gadget User

OPN ring comes with the NFC feature and is mostly used as a smart key for personal home and office access. This is a DIY device. It is announced that this NFC ring will shortly introduce contactless payment too. 

6. Token Smart Ring

Best Smart Rings For Payments_Token Smart Ring
Image Credits: Smart Ring News

Token is another rising smart ring for contactless payment. Not just contactless payments, Token comes with more amazing features like smart key functions and travel passes! In short, with this smart ring, you can not only make quick purchases but also access car and house locks! 

7. Xenxo S-Ring

Best Smart Rings For Payments_Xenxo S-Ring
Image Credits: ShinyShiny

Another best smart rings for payments is the Xenxo S-Ring. This amazing smart ring is also equipped with NFC technology and can be used for contactless payments as well as smart keys. 

Best Smart Rings For Payments – Comparison Table

Smart RingsSleep & Fitness TrackingActivity TrackingPublic Travel PassContactless PaymentAccess Card/BadgeNFCBattery LifeProduct Availability
McLEAR RingPay 2NoNoYesYesNoYesPassiveUK
Quontic Pay RingNoNoYesYesNoYesPassiveUS
Cnick NoNoYesYesYesYesPassiveEurope
Evering NoNoYesYesNoYesPassiveJapan
OPN RingNoNoYesNoNoYesPassiveUS
Token Smart RingNoNoYesYesYesYes7 daysUS
Xenxo S-RingNoNoYesYesNoYes5 daysUS

How To Buy The Best Smart Rings For Payments?

Are you looking forward to buying the best payment smart rings for couples? If yes, then here are a few things that you need to consider:

1. Fit and finish: The best smart rings for payments should have a sleek design that fits on your index finger. Try to choose titanium and ceramic over silicone and plastic, for better durability. 

2. Weight: You should choose lightweight smart ring, or you won’t be able to wear it all day, and the ring will leave a mark on your finger. 

3. NFC: Most of the smart rings have NFC technology, but are they used in contactless payment? Inbuilt NFC technology can help in being a smart key and not just a contactless payment. So, even if your selected smart ring shows that it has NFC technology, find out it has a contactless feature too. 

4. Passive Ring: Most of the payment rings are passive. Yet, you should make sure that the ring is passive, or how frequently you have to charge the ring.  

5. Price: The best smart rings for payments are available in the market at a wide range of prices. Choose which price tag suits you best. Also, find out whether the app will add a subscription fee. 


Choosing smart rings for payments instead of carrying cash or using cards is a wise choice. People around the world are now leaning on this new technology. Then, why not you? Let’s decide which smart ring in the above best smart rings for payments list suits you best and place an order today! 

Frequently Asked  Questions 

Q1. Can You Make Payments With A Smart Ring?

Yes, smart rings are now coming with inbuilt NFC technology that can help you to go for contactless payments. 

Q2. Does Oura Ring Pay Payments?

No, Oura ring cannot be used in making payments. However, Oura has recently partnered with Affirm and is going to launch the payment feature in the next generation ring. 

Q3. Is It Worth Buying A Smart Ring For Payment? 

Do you like to shop contactless, even better – without cards? Then, investing in a smart ring for payment is a wise choice for you. 

Feature Image Credits: Smart Ring News

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