RingConn Vs Ultrahuman – Battle Of The Rings!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
RingConn Vs Ultrahuman

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Check your body clock not on a smartwatch but with a smart ring that is loaded with amazing features. Right now, I have got my hands on two of the best smart rings for health monitoring and I am awestruck, trying to compare the features and functionality of RingConn vs Ultrahuman Ring AIR. Are you excited to know more? Stay tuned to know the final verdict on the battle of the smart rings.

Smart Rings are redefining the healthcare and fashion industry across the globe. They are loaded with multiple LED and infrared sensors that can accurately monitor your health metrics to present detailed insights into your fitness. Although the Oura Ring Gen3 has been my favorite smart ring for sleep tracking, thousands of positive RingConn and Ultrahuman Ring reviews have piqued my interest, and right now, I am obsessed with the two wearable techs.

An extensive comparison between the RingConn vs Ultrahuman Ring AIR shows that the RingConn is better for activity and stress tracking, and the Ultrahuman Ring AIR offers better designs and comfort for 24/7 monitoring. Furthermore, the RingConn is a lot more affordable than the Ultrahuman Ring AIR and does not have any added membership costs.

Fitness tracking will be a seamless experience only when it is done with the best fitness tracker. It is very essential that you compare the features and specifications of RingConn vs Ultrahuman Ring AIR before you give your final verdict on the best smart ring for fitness tracking that suits you. 

RingConn Vs Ultrahuman

Fitness tracking with wearable techs has reached profound heights in recent years. We are now able to take a glimpse into our health and wellness with the help of the right fitness tracker. However, with hundreds of wearable techs that are available to us, it is our responsibility to understand their functionality and choose the right gadget to monitor our health and wellness. 

RingConn and Ultrahuman Ring AIR are two of the most sought-after smart rings that are loaded with handy health monitoring features. While RingConn is a Chinese health tech company headquartered in the US, Delaware, Ultrahuman is an Indian tech company from Bangalore, India. These are two of the leading smart rings that are capable of standing on par with the currently trending Oura Ring Gen3. 

Let us unravel the unique features and exclusive insights given by both gadgets before you make your final decision.

RingConn Vs Ultrahuman – Design

Design and comfort play a vital role in choosing RingConn or Ultrahuman Ring AIR, the better smart ring. The wearable tech that you choose will not only be your fitness tracker but also your health assistant that monitors your vitals around the clock. So, ensure that you choose one that is light, strong, and stylish, all at the same time.

RingConn is made out of high-quality titanium with PVD coating, while the Ultrahuman Ring AIR is made of fighter jet-grade titanium, which is coated with tungsten carbide carbon. Moreover, its inner shell is coated with medical-grade hypoallergenic epoxy resin, which is smooth and easy to wear for a prolonged period of time. The RingConn weighs 3 to 5 grams, and the Ultrahuman Ring AIR weighs 2.4 to 3.6 grams, making them two of the light smart rings.

RingConn and Ultrahuman Ring AIR are currently available in the following models:

  • RingConn – Midnight Black, Moonlit Silver, Pale Gold
  • Ultrahuman Ring AIR – Aster Black, Bionic Gold, Space Silver, and Matt Grey

Design and comfort only matter when you find the right ring size that perfectly fits you. Find out how you can order the right ring size, either using a sizing kit or with an e-sizing option. 

RingConn Vs Ultrahuman – Sizing Kit

Do not compromise the accuracy of the metrics generated by your smart ring. The only way to ensure the accuracy of your smart ring is to get one that fits you perfectly. Most developers understand this dire need for accuracy and offer sizing kits or an e-sizing option. The RingConn is available in sizes 6 to 14. You can get a free RingConn sizing kit before you choose a size or color. 

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is available in sizes 5 to 14 and offers two options to find the perfect size. You can either opt for a Ring AIR sizing kit, which will be dispatched within 24 hours or try the e-sizing experience by installing the iOS Ring Sizer app on your device to find your perfect ring size.

Now that you know the significance of the design and comfort, ensure that you find the ring that perfectly fits your finger. Let us now explore the various features, functionalities, and product specifications of the two gadgets. 

RingConn Vs Ultrahuman – Features And Functionalities

All fitness trackers have a unique set of features and functionalities that are exclusive to them. You will notice that while one is exceptionally good for activity tracking, the other is well-versed in monitoring your sleep. Let us find out what are the unique features and functionalities of both RingConn and Ultrahuman Ring AIR.

FeatureRingConnUltrahuman Ring AIR
Heart rateYes Yes 
Skin temperatureYes Yes 
Blood oxygen saturationYes Yes 
Heart rate variabilityYes Yes 
Movement trackingYes Yes 
Activity ScoreYes NA
Recovery patternsNAYes 
Reminder functionsYes NA
Phase Response CurveNAYes 
Sleep ScoreYes Yes 
Nap detectionYes NA
Sleep stages Yes Yes 
Stress trackingYes NA
Stress index distributionYes NA 
Stress ration analysisYes NA
Movement IndexYes Yes
Health ReportYes NA
Health TimelineYes NA
Trends RecordYes NA
A table of comparison between RingConn vs Ultrahuman features

We can clearly see the differences in the features and functionality between RingConn and Ultrahuman Ring AIR from the table above. Ensure that you get the smart ring that offers all the features that you are looking for in a fitness tracker. Now, let us understand their functionality a lot better with the help of their product specifications.

RingConn Vs Ultrahuman – Specifications

Comparing the product specifications of the RingConn vs Ultrahuman Ring AIR will help you analyze and compare their functionality and overall performance. Although all smart rings seem to have similar features, they make use of different hardware components to monitor your vitals. Check out the product specifications of both the smart rings with the help of the information given below:

SpecsRingConnUltrahuman Ring AIR
MaterialLightweight TitaniumTitanium with Tungsten carbide carbon
Size 6 to 155 to 14
Weight 3 to 5g2.4 to 3.6g
Width of the ring7 to 8mm8.1mm
Thickness of the ring2 to 3mm2.45 to 2.8mm
Battery 22mAh Li-Po non-replaceableRechargeable 24mAh LiPo 
Battery lifeUp to 7 daysUp to 6 days
Charger Type-C Cable chargerType-C Cable charger
Charging time90 minutes for a full charge2 to 3 hours
Water resistance IP68 certified, up to 165 feetUp to 330 feet
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.2Bluetooth LE5
Compatibility Android & iOS devicesiOS 14 or later and Android 6 or later
A table of comparison between RingConn vs Ultrahuman specifications

Now that we have explored all the features and product specifications of the two gadgets, it is time for us to address one of the heated discussions on RingConn Vs Ultrahuman Reddit forums regarding the accuracy of the metrics generated. Check out how the two wearable techs ensure the accuracy of your health insights.

RingConn Vs Ultrahuman – Accuracy

Accuracy is of dire importance when you use a fitness tracker to monitor your health. All wearable techs make use of various LED sensors and infrared lights to ensure the utmost accuracy of the metrics generated. Let us now compare if the Ultrahuman Ring AIR or RingConn has better accuracy based on the research-grade sensors built in them.

RingConnUltrahuman Ring AIR
3D AccelerometerInfrared sensor
Skin temperature sensorPPG sensor
Photoplethysmography sensors Non-contact medical grade skin temperature sensor
Infrared LEDs
Red LEDs
Green LEDs
6-axis motion sensor
A table showing the list of sensors in RingConn and Ultrahuman rings

Hundreds of Ultrahuman Ring reviews and posts shows that the gadget is packed and loaded with sensors and ensures the accuracy of your vitals. We can clearly see which gadget offers much more accurate metrics. You can now join the RingConn Vs Ultrahuman Reddit discussions and share your view regarding the accuracy of the two smart rings.

RingConn Vs Ultrahuman – Sleep Tracking

Thousands of people make use of a smart ring especially to keep track of their sleep. Unlike smartwatches, the smart rings do not have a bright AMOLED display screen or sound and vibrations that could disturb their sleep. Although some smart rings offer smart alarm functionality, most smart rings tend to take a non-invasive approach to sleep tracking. We shall now compare the sleep metrics offered by both RingConn and Ultrahuman Ring AIR.

Sleep TrackingRingConnUltrahuman Ring AIR
Sleep Time RecordYes Yes 
Resting heart rateYes Yes 
Restfulness No Yes 
Sleeping Stress RecordYes No
Sleep IndexNoYes 
Nap DetectionYes No
Sleep ScoreYes Yes 
Sleep StagesYes No
A table of comparison between RingConn vs Ultrahuman sleep tracking

Both smart rings monitor your heart rate, HRV, resting heart rate, SpO2, respiration rate, and skin temperature throughout the night to present your sleep insights. You should choose either RingConn or Ultrahuman Ring AIR, which offers better sleep metrics to monitor your sleep.

RingConn Vs Ultrahuman – Activity Tracking

Are you trying to find a fitness tracker to help record your workout and activities? Then it is of absolute importance to find a smart ring that is loaded with various fitness and activity tracking. Let us check out the activity tracking features offered by the two smart rings.

Activity TrackingRingConnUltrahuman Ring AIR
Activity ScoreYes Yes 
Step counting Yes Yes 
Standing hoursYes No
Movement IndexNoYes 
Calories estimationYes Yes 
Activity intensity tracking Yes No
Health timelineYes No
Health ReportYes No
Trends RecordYes No
A table of comparison between RingConn vs Ultrahuman activity tracking

Your heart rate, resting heart rate, HRV, skin temperature, SpO2, and all related health metrics will be recorded on a regular basis and will directly contribute towards your fitness and activity metrics. RingConn reviews by users show that the smart ring is loaded with multiple fitness and activity tracking features that are both unique and user-friendly. You should ensure that you choose the gadget that offers all the activity tracking metrics that complement your workout routines.

RingConn Vs Ultrahuman – Heart Rate Tracking

Most smart rings offer 24/7 heart rate monitoring features that track your every heartbeat throughout the day and night. Thousands of users with heart conditions completely rely on the heart rate metrics that are generated by the fitness trackers. Most gadgets make use of medical-grade sensors to monitor their heart and even share this data with their doctors and other healthcare professionals for feedback. 

Both the RingConn and Ultrahuman Ring AIR monitor your heart rate, heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and related functions. The RingConn also has a reminder function that gives off high heart rate reminders and sedentary reminders to help improve your overall health metrics.

RingConn Vs Ultrahuman – Stress Management 

Stress is one of the most common ailments that affect millions of users around the world. Stress has a direct impact on your sleep and activity levels and could disrupt your overall health and wellness. Stress indicators generated by the RingConn include the following features:

  • Stress tracking
  • Stress ratio analysis
  • Sleeping Stress record
  • All-day Stress Index distribution

Ultrahuman Ring AIR, on the other hand, does not track your stress levels but measures your Recovery based on your sleep, movement index, body temperature, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability, which is not available in the RingConn.

Do you wish to manage your stress or understand the recovery process of your body? Make your choice and choose the smart ring that meets your needs.

RingConn Vs Ultrahuman – Pricing 

Finally, let us discuss numbers, one of the key factors that help determine if the RingConn or Ultrahuman Ring AIR is the right fitness tracker for you. The cost price of the gadget is a detrimental factor and a major deciding force, that will help you to make your final decision of buying the RingConn or Ultrahuman Ring AIR.

The RingConn is available in 3 different designs that can be bought for $279. Forged in lightweight titanium, the RingConn is the winner of the Good Design Awards, 2023. Moreover, it does not have an added subscription fee or a recurring monthly membership fee.

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is available in 4 designs for $349 each. You can get a free Ring AIR sizing kit for the perfect fit. Moreover, you can add custom engravings for $39, which could take 7 or 8 days longer to be delivered. Furthermore, you can add a coverage plan, UltrahumanX, for $30 per year, which includes accidental damage protection and coverage for your new Ultrahuman Ring AIR. 

RingConn Vs Ultrahuman – Availability

Now, let us find out the official channels through which you can buy the RingConn or Ultrahuman Ring AIR. Both smart rings can be purchased from the official websites of the developers. They are also available for sale via third-party e-commerce sites and apps like BestBuy, Target, eBay, Amazon, etc. Hurry over to grab the smart ring of your choice and amp up your fitness journey.

RingConn Vs Ultrahuman – Key Differences

Let us take a glimpse at the key differences between the RingConn and Ultrahuman Ring AIR for one last time before you make your final call. 

FeatureRingConnUltrahuman Ring AIR
Activity ScoreYes NA
Recovery patternsNAYes 
Stress trackingYes NA
Nap detectionYes NA
Design3 non-customizable designs4 customizable designs
Battery lifeUp to 7 daysUp to 6 days
Size 6 to 155 to 14
Weight 3 to 5g2.4 to 3.6g
A table of comparison between RingConn vs Ultrahuman key differences

It is now time to give your final verdict on RingConn vs Ultrahuman Ring AIR, the better smart ring for your health and well tracking. Take your personal requirements into account, and cross-check with the information given in this article above to ensure that the necessary features are available in the smart ring of your choice. 

Torn between Ringconn and Ultrahuman Air!! Which one to get? Please help.
byu/AshC6 inSmartRings

Wrap Up

Every fitness tracker is unique in its own way. It is entirely in our hands to figure out which fitness tracker offers the best features that help to monitor our health. However, it is not advisable to completely rely on the Ultrahuman Ring AIR and  RingConn reviews given by the users. Instead, you can make use of the well-researched and official information given in this article to make your final decision. We hope that you make the best choice and select the smart ring that helps boost your fitness journey.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Is RingConn Worth It?

The RingConn is a lightweight smart ring with 24/7 heart rate and SpO2 monitors, sleep stages and sleep quality analysis, all-day fitness, and stress analysis. It also provides wellness balance advice, making the smart ring totally worth it.

Q2. Is Ultrahuman Ring Worth It?

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is a comfortable and sleek smart ring that can track your sleep, recovery, and movements and nudges you to make healthier lifestyle choices, making the smart ring worth it.

Q3. What Is The RingConn Made Of?

The RingConn is made of Lightweight Titanium, which makes the ring weigh only about 3 to 5 grams.

Step into Lokesh's tech-style haven! As your guide in the world of smart rings, Lokesh infuses every byte with a touch of personal flair. Discover the perfect blend of innovation and elegance, where health tech meets sleek designs. Join Lokesh on this journey—your go-to companion for all things smart and stylish!

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