Ultrahuman Ring Vs Oura Ring | Which Is The Best Smart Ring?

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Ultrahuman Ring vs Oura Ring

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Get ready to free your wrist from smart watches and grab your smart rings to get all your fitness, health, and sleep insights. Wait! But which is the best smart ring for fitness tracking? Well, Oura Ring and Ultrahuman Ring AIR are the top rings breaking the wearables market. Before spending your hard-earned money, go through the Ultrahuman Ring vs Oura Ring details mentioned here.

Even though Oura had sued Ultrahuman for copying their smart ring design and technology, people living in the areas where Oura Ring is yet to be launched are buying Ultrahuman Ring AIR. But, some are still confused between the both and searching for Ultrahuman Ring vs Oura Ring Reddit discussions to make up their mind about whether to buy Ultrahuman AIR or wait for Oura Ring to be available in their region. 

A comparison of the Ultrahuman Ring vs Oura Ring clearly shows that there are many similarities between both. However, the main differences are recurring membership and period detection in Oura Ring, which are not in Ultrahuman Ring AIR.

Knowing only the key differences between Ultrahuman Ring and Oura Ring is not enough. Ultrahuman Ring review and Oura Ring review, along with specifications and features, also matter. So, stay with us to dig deep and go through the complete details of Ultrahuman Ring vs Oura Ring to know which smart wins the battle.

Ultrahuman Ring Vs Oura Ring

Wearable tech gadgets like smart rings have touched new heights. Every smart ring is trying hard to sustain itself in the market. Almost every ring provides similar specifications and features, making it difficult for fitness enthusiasts to decide which is best. Nowadays, Oura Ring and Ultrahuman Ring AIR are the trending smart rings, with lots of discussion on Ultrahuman Ring vs Oura Ring going on various social forums.

Which smart ring should we buy? Oura Ring or Ultrahuman Ring? Are you one of those who are continuously searching for the queries such as “Compare Ultrahuman Ring and Oura Ring”, “What is the difference between Oura Ring and Ultrahuman Ring Air?”, “Ultrahuman Ring reviews”, “Oura Ring reviews”, and many more. If YES, then this article will answer all your questions. 

We have covered all the Ultrahuman Ring vs Oura Ring insights, from designs, hardware specifications, and software to price. Any new updates on the upcoming rings are also covered here. 

Ultrahuman Ring Vs Oura Ring – Design

Ultrahuman Ring Vs Oura Ring - Design

We already know that Oura had filed a lawsuit against Ultrahuman for unethically accessing their patient designs and copying them. So, the design comparison of the Ultrahuman Ring AIR vs Oura Ring is nearly similar other than their weight.

From the official body dimensions mentioned in the table below, we can see that the Ultrahuman Ring AIR weight is nearly half compared to the weight of the Oura Ring. But, the other factors also matter to know which ring would be more comfortable while wearing 24×7. 

Where the thickness of the Ultrahuman Ring varies depending on ring size, the thickness of the Oura ring remains constant, but the weight of the ring varies depending on the ring size. Also, the width of the Oura Ring Gen3 is slightly less than that of the Ultrahuman Ring.

BodyUltrahuman Ring AIROura Ring Gen3
Weight2.4 to 3.6 gm4 to 6 gm (depends on size)
Thickness2.45 to 2.8 mm (depends on size)2.5 mm
Width8.1 mm7.9 mm
A table of comparison between Ultrahuman Ring AIR vs Oura Ring body specifications

Who wins the race? Very little difference between the Ring thickness doesn’t matter, but the huge weight difference will make the Ultrahuman Ring win the race. 

Weight winner: Ultrahuman Ring

Thickness winner: Oura Ring

Width winner: Oura Ring

Overall design winner: Ultrahuman Ring

Ultrahuman Ring Vs Oura Ring – Sizing Kit

Ultrahuman Ring Vs Oura Ring - Sizing Kit

The Ultrahuman Ring vs Oura Ring sizing kit difference is just one demo ring. Oura Ring sizing kit comprises 8 demo rings from sizes 6 to 13, whereas an Ultrahuman Ring sizing kit comprises 10 plastic demo rings from 5 to 14 sizes

Before buying any ring online, you must be precise about your ring size. Check the size of your Oura Ring and Ultrahum Ring using the sizing kits that are available for free when you order it with your ring. It is always recommended to order a sizing kit for the Oura Ring, Ultrahuman Ring, or any other ring from the official website. Otherwise, it will cost you from $5 to $20 when you buy from e-commerce websites like Best Buy and Amazon. 

Sizing Kit winner: Ultrahuman Ring AIR

Ultrahuman Ring Vs Oura Ring – Hardware Specifications

Comparing hardware specifications in the Ultrahuman Ring AIR vs Oura battle is quite difficult. Both the smart rings have cut-to-cut competition with no screens. All fitness trackers track the wearer’s vitals 24 hours a day and are designed uniquely with different hardware components. 

Hardware specifications of Ultrhuman Ring AIR and Oura Ring Gen3 are summed up in the table below:

Hardware SpecsUltrahuman Ring AIROura Ring Gen3
Material Titanium with Tungsten Carbide Carbon coatingLightweight Titanium
Size 5 to 14 (10 sizes)6 to 13 (8 sizes)
Battery 24 mAh LiPo battery15 mAh to 22 mAh LiPo battery (depends on ring size)
Charger Charging dock with USB-C cableCharging dock with USB-C cable
Sensors 3 LED, 6-axis motion sensors, PPG sensor & 1 temperature sensor3 LEDs, PPG sensor, accelerometer & 7 temperature sensors
Water Resistance Up to 100 m or 330 ft.Up to 100 m or 328 ft.
Connectivity Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE5)Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart)
Compatibility Android 6 or later & iOS 14 or later devicesAndroid 8 and higher & iOS 15 and higher devices
A table of comparison between Ultrahuman Ring AIR vs Oura Ring hardware specifications

Hardware specifications winner: Tie

Ultrahuman Ring Vs Oura Ring – App Features

No smart ring is useful if its app is not there. The smart ring app is the only way to know the health and fitness parameters as the ring is designed without display. More parameters on the app enable the users to understand their health in deep. 

Ultrahuman Ring app shows fewer parameters, but it has features like Circadian phase alignment, blood sugar, Workout Mode, and Stimulant window extra than Oura Ring App. The Stimulant window shows your stimulant consumption, which helps you track caffeine intake and minimize sleep disruption. If you want to track the shift in your circadian rhythm, then Phase Response Curve (PRC) can help you.

On the other hand, if the Oura Ring app lags behind these features, it has other in-app features that make Oura Ring different from Ultrahuman. You will get an option to check the insights of your reproductive health and share Reports with your doctor or friends. Other than this, you can use the “Rest Mode” if you are not well, feeling low, or traveling to different time zones.

To get the complete lists of the values or metrics that are available on the Ultrahuman Ring and Oura Ring apps, go through the table below and know who the winner is:

Ultrahuman Ring AIROura Ring Gen3
StepsActivity Score
Calories burnedCalories burned
Active minutesBlood Oxygen SpO2 level
Blood Oxygen SpO2 levelResting Heart rate
Heart rateHeart Rate Variability (HRV)
Heart Rate Variability (HRV)Total sleep
Sleep IndexSleep efficiencySleep efficiency
Skin temperatureRestfulness
RestfulnessSleep stages
Movement IndexSleep Score
Recovery ScoreSleep latency
Blood sugarSleep timing
Phase Response Curve (PRC)Body temperature
Workout ModeActivity balance
Stimulant WindowReadiness Score
Recovery time
Recovery Index
Reproductive Health
Rest Mode
A table of comparison between Ultrahuman Ring AIR vs Oura Ring App features

App features winner: Both Ultrahuman Ring and Oura Ring, depending on user needs

Ultrahuman Ring Vs Oura Ring – Health And Activity Tracking

The main reason for buying a smart ring is to get all the insights into our health and fitness tracking along with the activities we do in our day-to-day lives. Basic parameters such as sleep, heart rate, temperature, stress, steps, and calories are tracked by both the rings, i.e., Oura Ring and Ultrahuman Ring AIR. 

Ultrahuman Ring AIR has the “Working Mode” specially for tracking different workouts to give complete insights into the workout metrics of the wearer. Whereas, Oura Ring can track up to 40 workouts or activity types. You can also add workouts to the Oura Ring app.

The key difference between both the rings is the period tracking system. Oura Ring uses the skin temperature to predict the periods and displays it on the Oura app so that you can easily know your temperature changes during that time. If you are planning for a baby, you can integrate Oura Ring with Natural cycles and know your most fertile days to plan pregnancy. 

On the other hand, the Ultrahuman Ring doesn’t allow you to look into your menstrual details and track pregnancy. Ultrahuman Ring does not even integrate with any of the fertility apps.  

To know more about what Oura Ring and Ultrahuman track, go through the table below and know which ring wins the race on the basis of tracking:

Health And Activity Tracking MetricsUltrahuman Ring AIROura Ring Gen3
Sleep CyclesYesYes
Daily Sleep ScoreYesYes
Early Illness DetectionNoYes
Calories BurnedYesYes
Movement MeasurementYesYes
Heart RateYesYes
Resting Heart Rate (RHR)YesYes
HRV (Heart Rate Variability)YesYes
Period DetectionNoYes
In-Depth Cycle InsightsNoYes
Blood Oxygen SpO2YesYes
Blood sugarYesNo
A table of comparison between Ultrahuman Ring AIR vs Oura Ring health and activity tracking metrics

Health and activity tracking winner: Oura Ring

Ultrahuman Ring Vs Oura Ring – Data Downloading

Data downloading is important when we are tracking our health metrics using the smart rings. Surprisingly, only Oura web allows you to download your Oura data in CSV or JSON files. Ultrahuman Ring doesn’t have a web page where we can log in to our account and access data on our desktops and PCs. Also, its app has no option for downloading or sharing the data

Data downloading winner: Oura Ring

Ultrahuman Ring Vs Oura Ring – Battery Life And Charging Time

Other common factors that everyone considers while buying any smart ring are charging time and battery life. Here, the Ultrahuman Ring stays back from Oura Ring. You can charge Oura Ring in just 20 to 80 minutes, which is quite interesting and much less than Ultrahaman, which takes around 2 to 3 hours to get fully charged

Wondering how long this charge will last and how often to charge Oura Ring and Ultrahuman Ring? Here, Ultrahuman had a cut-to-cut competition with Oura Ring, but still, it lagged behind Oura. Where Oura Ring’s battery life lasts for 7 days, the Ultrahuman Ring’s battery life lasts for 6 days.

PowerUltrahuman Ring AIROura Ring Gen3
Charging Time 2 – 3 hours20 – 80 minutes
Battery Life6 days7 days
A table of comparison between Ultrahuman Ring AIR vs Oura Ring power details

Charging Time winner: Oura Ring

Battery life winner: Oura Ring

Overall Battery winner: Oura Ring

Ultrahuman Ring Vs Oura Ring – App Integrations

Fitness enthusiasts never stop at one fitness tracker data and try to sync the data from various fitness tracker apps like Health Connect, Apple Health, Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, and many more. For such people, app integrations are a basic factor to be considered while purchasing any new fitness teaching device.

On the one hand, Oura blogs guide you on how to integrate with other apps, and on the other hand, Ultrahuman has very little data available for its app integrations. Ultrahuman app can be integrated with apps like Apple HealthKit, Apple Health, and Health Connect.

On the other hand, Oura can integrate with a number of apps like Apple Health, Strava, Health Connect, Google Fit, Natural Cycles, Zero Fasting, various continuous glucose monitor (CGM) companies, and many more apps. You can also use other third-party app integrations if direct data syncing is not possible. 

Integrations winner: Oura Ring

Ultrahuman Ring Vs Oura Ring – Durability

Another main topic discussed in Ultrahuman Ring vs Oura Ring Reddit conversations is their durability. A long-lasting ring with a scratchless body is everyone’s favorite. But who is the champion between Oura Ring and Ultrahuman Ring in terms of durability?

Both the rings are made of titanium, making them best fit for daily use with comfort. Although both Ultrahuman Ring AIR and Oura Rings are not waterproof, they are water resistant to up to 100 meters. So, don’t panic if you wear Ultrahuman or Oura Ring in sauna. Clearly, it’s a tie between both the smart rings.

Durability winner: Tie

Ultrahuman Ring Vs Oura Ring – Price And Availability

Wondering what’s the price for both smart rings? Is the price same for every region? Well, Ultrahuman Ring AIR is available globally at a price of $349, but the Ultrahuman Ring price may increase for some countries as you may have to pay extra shipping costs or taxes. Whereas, Oura ring Gen3 Heritage will cost you $299, and the Horizon design will cost you $349

Buy Ultrahuman Ring AIR from here.

Buy Oura Ring 3 from here.

On the other hand, when we talk about Ultrahuman Ring vs Oura Ring based on availability, you must know that unlike most of the popular smart ring brands, Ultrahuman is an Indian brand with headquarters in Bengaluru. Whereas, the Oura headquarters are in Oulu, Finland.

Where the Ultrahuman Ring can be shipped worldwide, Oura Ring can be shipped only to the countries mentioned in the table below:

North AmericaAfrica & Middle East
CanadaUnited StatesUnited Arab EmiratesSaudi Arabia
Asia – Pacific
AustraliaJapanNew ZealandSingaporeSouth Korea
Aland IslandsAustriaBelgiumBulgariaCroatia
CyprusCzech RepublicDenmarkEstoniaFaroe Islands
United Kingdom – Great BritainUnited Kingdom – Northern Ireland
A table showing the list of all the countries where Oura Ring is shipped

Price winner: Oura Ring (without considering subscription charges)

Availability winner: Ultrahuman Ring

Ultrahuman Ring Vs Oura Ring – Membership

Everyone does not love recurring membership, and they are comparing Ultrahuman Ring vs Oura Ring based on a monthly membership plan. If you are one of these, you must know that the Ultrahuman Ring price will remain unchanged as the company has taken into consideration the user’s convenience and brought the Ultrahuman Ring AIR with no subscription costs.

However, the users whose primary concern is about their health and fitness don’t bother about the $5.99 USD excluding taxes monthly Oura membership and prefer buying Oura Ring. One can use Oura Ring without a monthly subscription, but if you have an Oura membership, you will be able to access more features on the Oura app to get detailed information related to your body metrics.

Membership winner: Ultrahuman Ring 

Overall price winner: Ultrahuman Ring (depends on user’s requirement)

Ultrahuman Ring Vs Oura Ring – New Ring Update

Whether it is a smart ring or any wearable gadget, both existing and new users eagerly wait to get the new product. The same is the case with the Ultrahuman Ring and Oura Ring, and people are regularly checking the internet to grab the news of the upcoming ring in the market. If you are one of them, there is good news for you.

We all know that Oura Ring has boomed the fitness trackers market with its accuracy in tracking sleep metrics, temperature, heart rate, and other health parameters, but they have not stopped bringing new upgrades to their smart rings. This time, it is anticipated that the Oura Ring 4 will compete with the smart rings for payments, as this time, Oura has acquired Proxy and was talking about introducing contactless payments to new rings. This made people search for the Oura Ring 4 price.

On the other hand, we have not come across any news from Ultrahuman about the new ring. It clearly states that Oura Ring has won this “Ultrahuman Ring vs Oura Ring – new ring update” battle.

New Ring update winner: Oura Ring

Overall Comparison For Ultrahuman Ring Vs Oura Ring

Now that you know all the differences between Oura Ring 3 and Ultrahuman Ring AIR, you can easily say that only one ring cannot win the battle of the best smart ring. Ultrahuman Ring AIR and Oura Ring Gen3 are known for their individual specialties. So, to choose one, you must know your preferences about the features you want in your smart ring.

Are you a person who is more into accurate data and wants to enjoy more app features with a monthly subscription? Oura Ring is for you, whose sensors and accuracy will shock you. Or do you like wearing a sleek, lightweight, comfortable ring for 24/7 monitoring? Ultrahuman Ring’s lightweight weight design is just for you.

Stop scrolling Google for Ultrahuman Ring vs Oura Ring Reddit discussions and get all the details summed in this article.

Wrapping Up

The war of being the best smart ring ends here, but there is no single winner; both have their own specialties. If one is good in accuracy and features, the other is designed to be very lightweight for a comfortable fit. Apart from this, women who want to track menstrual cycles or plan pregnancy can blindly go for Oura Ring, as this is the only one between the both that has this feature. 

So, choose your top priority ring after going through all the details of the Ultrahuman Ring vs Oura Ring explained above. Oura Ring fans can wait for Oura Ring 4 to be launched in 2024 to access more features with a more secure interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Difference Between Oura Ring And Ultrahuman Ring AIR?

The main differences between Oura Ring and Ultrahuman Ring AIR are:
1. Oura Ring monthly subscription is $5.66 USD.
2. Period detection in Oura Ring
3. Fertility checking using Oura Ring
4. Diet monitoring using the Ultrahuman app.
5. More app integrations in the Oura app
6. Phase Response Curve (PRC) on the Ultrahuan app.
7. Sharing reports and downloading Oura data.

Q2. Is Ultrahuman Ring Worth It?

Yes, the Ultrahuman Ring is worth buying. Although, at present, it has slightly less options on its app, most of the features are similar to Oura Ring. 

Q3. What Is The Best Alternative To The Oura Ring?

Evie Ring, McLEAR RingPay, Circular Ring, Circul+, Ultrahuman Ring AIR, and Hecere NFC Ring are the few alternatives for Oura Ring.

Q4. What Is Better Than Oura?

Whop wristband, Apple Watch, and Fitbit fitness trackers are better than Oura Ring.

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