10 Easy Ways To Fix Oura Ring Not Charging!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Fix Oura Ring Not Charging

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Thousands of Oura Ring users are concerned about seeing the dreaded red light indicator, just like you are. Fret not, and stay with us to know why you face the Oura Ring not charging issues and ways to fix it. 

Oura Ring is currently one of the most trending wearable techs that collect real-time biometric data of the user and help monitor their vitals. It has been designed to be worn by the user around the clock so that it can provide accurate data on their overall health and sleeping patterns. However, many users have raised concerns about their Oura Ring not working, looking for authentic ways to fix it.

You can fix the Oura Ring not charging issues by checking the placement of the ring, using another power outlet, reconnecting the USB cable, cleaning the charging contacts, updating the Oura App, checking the power supply, restarting the Oura Ring, replacing the charger, resetting the Oura Ring or by contacting the Oura Support.

The Oura Ring not charging issue is a very crucial problem that has to be dealt with immediately, to generate accurate metrics. We shall now dive right in to find out what causes the issue and what are the easy ways to fix it. 

Why Is Oura Ring Not Charging?

Before we work on ways to fix Oura Ring not charging issues, it is important that you first understand the LED Color indicators in all Oura Ring chargers and the various factors that contribute to them.

Color Of The LightInterpretation 
Off The charger is idle or turned off
Pulsing whiteThe Oura Ring is charging
Solid greenCharging is complete
Solid white turns off after some timeThe charger is plugged in without the Oura Ring on it.
Blinking BlueThe Oura Ring is ready to be paired via Bluetooth 
Blinking RedThere is a problem with your Oura Ring or the charger

The main concern of many users is the blinking red LED indicator on the Oura Ring that shows that there is an issue with the charger or the Oura Ring itself. Many others are concerned that the LED indicator turns off, despite being plugged in for charging. The Oura Ring not charging issue could be triggered by any of the following factors:

  1. Charging cable and port issues caused by dust or damage.
  2. Might be a software issue due to a lack of timely updates.
  3. Overheating of the charging port due to power fluctuation.
  4. The charger is incompatible with the Oura Ring.
  5. Faulty placement of the Oura Ring on the charging dock.
  6. Prolonged exposure or submergence of the Oura Ring in water.
  7. The Oura Ring is defective.
  8. Degradation of the Oura Ring battery over time.

Troubleshooting Fixes For Oura Ring Not Charging

Charging issues in Oura Rings predominantly occur when there is an issue with the charger of the ring itself. As this fitness tracker is designed to accompany the user 24×7 and monitor their vitals, including their heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, sleep stages, etc., it is absolutely essential that the device has the necessary battery to function properly. 

Ensure that you follow these instructions to easily fix your Oura Ring not charging issues.

Fix 1: Optimal Ring Placement

Uninterrupted charging is possible only when you place the ring correctly on the size-specific charging doc. You will notice a pulsing white light displayed on the charger that indicates that your Oura Ring is actively charging. 

If not, then head over to your Oura Ring charger and see if you have correctly placed the ring so that it sits securely on the charger to fix Oura Ring not charging issues. Ensure that you use the original charger that you get with the ring and refrain from charging using an outdated Gen2 charger for your new Gen3 Oura Ring.

Fix 2: Use Alternate Power Outlet

The Oura Ring USB charging power cord must be supplied with an external 5Vdc supply which complies with the IEC 62368-1 set standard. Check to ensure that the power supplied to your device does not exceed 15W after 3 seconds. If you notice any such fluctuations, try making use of an alternative source or power brick to prevent battery degradation and successfully charge your Oura Ring.

Fix 3: Reconnect The USB Cable

You can try to fix Oura Ring not charging issues by removing and reconnecting the ring with the USB cable. You can try to use an alternate USB-A to USB-C cable for charging. Moreover, you can try to turn the USB-C cable to 180 degrees before you reinsert it into the ring charger to charge once again.

Fix 4: Clean Charging Contacts

Debris or dust particles that are collected on your Oura Ring charger or the ring will directly affect charging. Clean both the charger and the ring using a soft dry cloth to remove any dust particles that could have accumulated on them. Refrain from using a wet cloth to clean it. Dry it off and plug it in to see if you have successfully fixed the Oura Ring not charging issue.

Fix 5: Update Oura App

Using outdated apps could result in glitches and malfunctions in your Oura Ring. Head over to the Google Play Store or the App Store and update the Oura Ring app to the latest available version. Now, place the ring on the charger and plug it in to check if the Oura Ring not working or charging issues are fixed.

Fix 6: Restart Oura Ring

One of the best ways of troubleshooting the Oura Ring not working issues is to restart the device itself. Just place your Oura Ring on the charger and tap the charger firmly on the table a few times, ensuring that you keep the ring in place with your finger. Wait for about a minute before you open the Oura app to complete the soft reset. This will reboot the Oura ring without unpairing it or losing saved data.

Fix 7: Get Charger Replacement

The best official way to fix Oura Ring charging issues that are caused by malfunctioning chargers is to get a new one. Head over to the official Oura Ring website to access any of the available e-commerce apps to place your order for a new Oura Ring charger. Refrain from using external third-party chargers that could cause potential damage to your device.

Fix 8: Update Oura Ring Firmware

Outdated firmware is prone to bugs that could trigger charging issues. Any Oura Ring that is more than 2 years old is susceptible to battery damage. If it has been a long time since you first purchased your Oura Ring, then it is time for you to upgrade your ring to a newer version. We recommend that you get the all-new Gen3 Oura Ring firmware.

Fix 9: Reset Oura Ring

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you have tried to fix Oura Ring not charging issues by following all the steps mentioned above yet still find it difficult to charge your device, then it is time for you to factory reset your Oura Ring

Open the Oura App and tap the Spinning Ring icon. Now, swipe left and scroll down to tap on Tools. Tap to Set up new ring and select Factory reset current ring to initiate the reset. 

Remember that resetting your Oura Ring will delete all the stored data, paired devices, and all other vital data saved on the device.

Fix 10: Contact Oura Support

Finally, if you still face problems with charging your Oura Ring, it is time for you to seek professional guidance. Visit the official Oura Ring website to voice your concerns. They have a dedicated team of members who work 24/7 to guide you through all your issues regarding Oura Rings.

How To Check Oura Ring Not Charging Issue Is Due To The Ring Or Charger?

You can make the entire troubleshooting process much easier by figuring out if the Oura Ring not charging issue is caused by malfunctioning of the ring or by the charger. You can easily test it by,

Gen 3

  • Take your Gen3 Oura Ring charger and plug it into a power supply without putting the ring on it. 
  • If your charger illuminates displaying a white LED light, it is highly probable that your charger is working properly and the issue is with the ring.
  • If the charger light does not work, then the issue lies with your charger, and you should get an Oura Ring Charger replacement. 

Gen 2

Users who use the older version of the Oura Ring can do a simple home charger test by plugging their Orua Ring charger into a power source and placing the metal end of the USB cable above the light indicator. Ensure that the metal portion of your USB cables is near the center of your charger for the LED indicator to turn on. If the light does not illuminate, then the issue is most likely with the charger.

Once you figure out if the issue lies with the charger or the Ring itself, you can proceed as required, and follow the necessary steps to fix your Oura Ring not charging issues.

Wrap Up

Oura Ring is your 24/7 companion that monitors your health and fitness. It is absolutely essential that you take due care and maintain it with utmost care. We hope that you overcome your issues and successfully fix Oura Ring not charging problems. Once you fix it, you will once again be able to keep track of your overall health and make life-altering lifestyle changes with the help of Oura Ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Is My Oura Ring Not Holding A Charge?

Check if your Oura Ring is resting securely on the charger. Any gap or misplacement of the ring on the charger will result in battery drain.

Q2. Why Is My Oura Ring Battery Not Lasting As Long?

The more data used by your Oura Ring, the more battery is used. Making use of the Live View will drain the battery a lot faster.

Q3. How Do I Know My Oura Ring Is Charging?

You will be able to see a pulsing white light that indicates that your Oura Ring is charging.

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