Oura Ring Not Tracking Sleep: Fix It In 8 Easy Ways!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Oura Ring Not Tracking Sleep

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Track your sleep with Oura Rings to overcome your insomnia and other sleep-related problems. But what should you do to fix your Oura Ring not tracking sleep issues?  Stay with us to find out easy ways for Oura Ring troubleshooting to get your Sleep Score back on track.

Oura Rings has a sleek and comfortable design that enables users to wear it for a longer period of time and generate 24/7 biometrics. While most fitness trackers and smartwatches are bulky and uncomfortable to wear for a prolonged period of time, Oura Ring proves to be a wonderful choice. However, many users have noticed the Oura Ring Waiting for Sleep Data flashed across their screens and that their Oura Ring not tracking sleep.

You can fix Oura Ring not tracking sleep issues by placing the ring correctly on your finger, restarting the Oura Ring, charging it, reconnecting to Bluetooth, updating the Oura app, clearing the app cache, reinstalling the app, resetting the Oura Ring, or contacting Oura Support.

Join us for an Oura Ring troubleshooting to fix all your Oura Ring not showing data or Oura Ring not tracking sleep issues.

Why Did My Oura Ring Not Track My Sleep?

Oura Ring is proclaimed to be one of the best smart rings for sleep tracking by most fitness enthusiasts. It keeps track of your entire night to present an in-depth analysis of each stage of sleep, as a Sleep Score. The Oura Ring Gen3 delivers research-quality data that has been validated by various sleep laboratories, based on polysomnography (PSG).

However, many users have raised concerns about their Oura Ring not showing data or a message displaying Oura Ring waiting for Sleep Data plastered across their screen. Such error messages could be triggered by various factors as follows:

  1. Misfit Ring 

Get a ring that perfectly fits you. Wearing a misfit ring directly affects the accuracy of the data collected. Ensure that your Oura Ring fits your perfectly so that you can view real-time accurate biometric data, including your Sleep Score.

  1. Low Battery Levels

Check if you have at least 30% battery life in your Oura Ring for uninterrupted data collection throughout the night.

  1. Connectivity Issues

Uninterrupted Bluetooth connectivity is a basic requirement for the flawless functioning of all fitness trackers like the Oura Ring. Lack of stable Bluetooth connectivity between your smartphone and Oura Ring will result in discrepancies. 

  1. Excessive Movements

Unprecedented excessive movements during your sleep can create fluctuations in the data collected, that affect your Sleep Score. Such movement will make it challenging for the smart ring to differentiate between light sleep and wakefulness, resulting in discrepancies in the collected data.

  1. Outdate Oura App

Just like any other application, the Oura Ring app has to be updated on a regular basis for smooth functioning and uninterrupted data collection. Outdated versions of the apps and lack of sufficient storage space in the device will interfere with data collection.

How To Fix Oura Ring Not Tracking Sleep?

Before you work on ways to fix your Oura Ring not tracking sleep issues, ensure that the following conditions are met to enable smooth functioning of the smart ring. Most errors in your Oura Ring will be easily fixed if you follow the instructions as illustrated below.

Fix 1: Optimal Ring Placement

Place the ring firmly on your finger, ensuring that it fits perfectly. Only when the ring placement is correct, uninterrupted data collection is possible. If you notice that the Oura Ring is too big to fit your ring finger, then consider wearing it on your index finger for better accuracy. You can also wear it on your middle finger if you find it to be comfortable. However, avoid fingers with a narrower base than your knuckle. Check to ensure that the sensor bumps in your Oura Ring rest on the palm side of your finger.

Fix 2: Charge Your Oura Ring

Oura Ring requires a sufficient charge to track your sleeping pattern throughout the night. Although the Ring is capable of lasting for a week when charged fully, it is highly recommended that you maintain a minimum of 30% charge on your device at all times, for uninterrupted recording of biometrics. 

All Oura Rings will be fully charged in 20 to 80 minutes of charging. Ensure that you check the available battery life of your Oura Ring before you go to bed, and plug into the charger to fix Oura Ring not tracking sleep issues.

Fix 3: Reconnect Bluetooth

Check the Bluetooth connectivity of your device and enable Bluetooth scanning for better discoverability. Place your smartphone close to your Oura Ring, and follow the instructions below to enable Bluetooth scanning in an attempt to fix Oura Ring not tracking sleep issues.

Step 1 – Open the Settings app on your phone and tap on Security & location.

Step 2 Scroll down to see Privacy and tap on Location.

Step 3 – Tap to open Advanced Settings.

Step 4 – Select Scanning.

Step 5 Tap to turn on Bluetooth scanning.

Fix 4: Update The Oura App

The flawless performance of apps depends on their regular updates, which ensures uninterrupted functionality. Using outdated versions of the Oura app, or lack of regular updates triggers glitches and malfunctions that could result in the Oura Ring not tracking sleep issues. Head over to the Google Play Store or the App Store and update your Oura app to the latest available version.

Fix 5: Clear App Cache

All apps require sufficient storage space for smooth functioning. If the Oura App cache is full it will result in app crashes, performance issues, and slow down the functioning of the entire device. Open the Oura Ring App info in your Android or iOS devices and clear the app cache.

Fix 6: Bluetooth Reset

Errors triggered by connectivity issues can be easily fixed with a Bluetooth reset. Place your Oura Ring on the charging dock and plug it in to charge. Now, turn off the Bluetooth on your smartphone and immediately Force Close the Oura app. Wait for a few seconds to re-enable the Bluetooth connection. Then, remove your Oura Ring from the list of paired devices. Finally, open the Oura app to re-pair your Oura Ring once again. 

Fix 7: Hardware Reset

If you have made all required changes to your device and still face Oura Ring not tracking sleep errors, then it is now time to do a hardware reset. To initiate the hardware reset, place your Oura Ring on the charger and tap the charger firmly on the surface a few times, ensuring that you keep the ring in place with your finger. 

Wait for a while for the Oura Ring hardware to be reset, then open the Oura app to check if the devices are successfully connected. If not, repeat the instructions above a couple of times until the devices are connected. Now, charge your device before you go to bed, and let your Oura Ring track your sleep.

Fix 8: Contact Oura Support

If you have tried all the instructions as explained above and still find issues in fixing the Oura Ring not tracking sleep issues, then it is time for you to ask for professional guidance. Oura has a team of experts who are dedicated to answering your queries and helping you to fix issues. 

Wrap Up

Oura Ring not tracking sleep could be a major concern that poses an overall health risk to users. It is absolutely essential that you fix it immediately so that you can access your Sleep Score to improve your health and lifestyle. We hope that by following the instructions illustrated in this article, you are now able to successfully overcome your Oura Ring not tracking sleep issues, and regain uninterrupted sleep and increased stamina that you well deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Didn’t Oura Track My Sleep?

Your Oura Ring will not track your sleep accurately if there is no sufficient charge in your device. Check if you have at least 30% battery life for uninterrupted recording of sleep data.

Q2. Why Won’t My Oura Ring Update Sleep Data?

Your Oura Ring will not update sleep data if the Oura App installed on your smartphone is outdated. 

Q3. How Can I Improve My Oura Ring Sleep Score?

You can improve your Oura Ring Sleep Score by limiting your movements during sleep. Do not roll over or keep moving frequently as it will interfere with your sleep pattern resulting in fluctuations in the metrics recorded.

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