How To Get Humane Ai Pin Phone Number

How To Get Humane Ai Pin Phone Number? Check It Now!

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From wired phones to, cordless ones with range of only few meters, we then moved to mobile phones large as our faces, then to yellow and blue light tiny ones and then finally they became smart and now, the Humane Ai Pin disrupted the whole industry making consumer linger on how to get Humane Ai Pin phone number and if it really costs something and what are the other services being provided. 

Priced at $699, the Humane Ai Pin holds the capacity to perform all of your tasks which you used to do on any smartphone earlier and that too without holding it in your hand. It’s actually giving us glimpses of how we as humans can interact with technologies like AI. It’s smart enough to understand your intuitions and it listens to what you say and does that for you seamlessly and that too in no time. Such traits has intrigued many to pre-order it and to get a Humane Ai Pin phone number for a never seen before way to communicate.

Confusions, doubts, speculations and rumors have been doing rounds since the Humane Ai Pin was announced, it’s only in the early January 2024, it was only when its pre-order were opened and subscription for numbers was announced, masses settled and were satisfied with the official information. We do hope in this article we will help you more and only the official information regarding Humane Ai Pin phone number, the price, the procedure and formalities

How To Get Humane Ai Pin Phone Number? 

To get a Humane Ai Pin phone number you need to buy the Humane Ai Pin subscription which will monthly cost you around $24 + fees and taxes. The company has made this clear at the very beginning to eradicate the clouds of rumors and speculations. There is no way that any consumer can bring or port their existing phone number to Humane Ai Pin. The company itself in partnership with the T-mobile is providing eSIM for the functionality of the Humane Ai Pin.

To Get Humane Ai Pin Phone Number Follow The Below Steps;

  • You must pre-order for the Humane Ai Pin and order must be placed and successfully completed, please note currently Humane Ai is only delivering the U.S region.
  • Post your order is successfully placed and once your Ai Pin is ready to be shipped, you ‘ll receive a prior notification on your registered e-mail i.d for setting up your Humane Ai Pin subscription, which contains your future phone number.
  • In the registration process you will be asked to create your password, sync your contacts along with some more information which will be saved in your device for seamless usage.
  • After you complete the subscription sign-up process, you will receive a charge of $24 + taxes and fees on your payment method.
  • The charge is for one month, you will have to pay $24/ month + taxes and fees. 

Key Factors To Remember While You Apply To Get Humane Ai Pin Phone Number;

  • Please note that the date of this charge does not indicate the beginning of the billing cycle. 
  • The billing cycle begins the date the device has been received by the user and successfully activated.
  • After you complete the purchase of a Humane Ai Pin subscription, you acknowledge that your Humane Ai Pin subscription has recurring payment features.
  • This signifies that you duly accept responsibility for all recurring payment obligations

before the cancellation of your Humane Ai subscription by you or Humane.

  • You will be charged the applicable fee for the first month of your Humane Ai Pin subscription at the time of your Humane Ai Pin subscription setup.
  • For subsequent months, your billing date will be based on the date you activate your Ai Pin. 
  • Billing will then continue on a monthly basis, until the Humane Ai Pin subscription is canceled in accordance with these subscription Terms.

Subscription Along With Mobile Number Also Includes Services Like;

Humane Ai Pin subscription offer;

  • A dedicated phone number for your Ai Pin
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data within the U.S.
  • Unlimited texting to international numbers from the U.S.
  • Voicemail and voicemail transcription
  • Three-way calling
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID

Humane Ai Pin isn’t limiting its subscribers to U.S usage only, the Humane Ai Pin subscription offers the consumers the add-ons for International Roaming. In this facility they are offering passes, to incorporate many users’ needs and this allows you to use your Ai Pin’s phone, SMS, and data connectivity while you are traveling outside the U.S. region in over 200 countries. 

You can easily choose from the below mentioned three International Roaming passes depending on your travel requirements, all three passes include unlimited talk, text, and data for the duration of the pass.

Pass DurationPrice
1 day$5
10 days$35
30 days$50

You just need to visit Humane.Center and can add International Roaming passes by seamlessly selecting a start date for any pass you need. Users can buy multiple passes, but activating multiple passes at the same time is not allowed at the moment. Passes are easily cancelable any time but only before their start date. Passes are not refundable in nature after their start date. Whenever needed passes could only be bought separately and are not available on a subscription basis.


This introduction of a device like Humane’s Ai Pin, is the intriguing point for further exploration and inventions. Smartphone technology must delve deeper into specific features of the AI Pin, exploring user reviews and perspectives, and comparing it to already existing similar technologies and then forming something which could really save this human kind from hazards of technology. The ruling ones shall collectively evaluate the future of communication and specifically the existing technologies that are damaging human health and how innovative devices like the AI Pin might take screens away from us for our eyes to sooth and brain to relax.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Humane Ai Pin A Phone?

No, the Humane Ai Pin is not a phone, but it’s equipped with technology smart and capable enough to perform every task which a smartphone is usually equipped with. The need not to hold it in your hand and dig in the screen always has set it apart from the conventional smartphones.

How To Get A Humane Ai Pin Phone Number in the USA?

To get a Humane Ai Pin phone number in the USA is easy, after you have placed the pre-order for it, you will receive a registration email before your device is ready for shipping. Once you complete the registration as guided by the Humane Ai, you will be provided with a phone number and other services also.

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