Will Samsung Launch Galaxy Ring Sizing Kit?

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on May 20, 2024
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Samsung Ring Sizing Kit

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Although smartwatches are more or less “one size fits all,” the same cannot be said about rings. 

A smart ring requires a precise size for optimal comfort and functionality. The recent unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy smart ring has undoubtedly taken the tech world by storm. 

But the most anticipated question is how will users determine their perfect ring size? Does Samsung plan to launch its sizing kit, or will it offer an online tool? This is what I think about it.

Does Samsung have Plans to Launch a Sizing Kit?

As of now, Samsung has not provided any information regarding sizing kits. You must wait for the official Samsung Galaxy Ring release date and follow their instructions to access the kit if it is launched.

While many smart rings come with a measuring kit that lets customers choose the ideal fit, others offer an online app. 

Just like Oura and Ultrahuman Ring send you a free sizing kit beforehand to ensure you get the right fit before purchasing. So, I expect to see a similar system for Samsung rings, too.

However, there is no concrete idea about Samsung’s plans to ensure users get the perfect ring size. 

What If Samsung Doesn’t Launch a Sizing Kit?

Although there are chances that Samsung will come up with sizing kits, but what if they don’t? Here are a few of my assumptions about what Samsung could offer other than sizing kits.

  • Offer Online Sizing App or Tool: Samsung could use an online sizing tool, like RingSense smart ring, which guides users through a self-measurement process at home. The sizes are US-based. It is anticipated that Samsung may use its AR technology with AI to develop an app that would allow you to find your perfect ring size using a camera. 
  • Retail Partner Sizing:  I also think that Samsung might partner with selected retailers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, or other locations to offer in-store sizing options. This would be helpful for users who prefer a more hands-on approach.

However, you should remember that this is all just anticipation. For all the relevant details, you need to wait for the official release of the ring.

At the Unpacked Event 2024, while unveiling the smart ring and highlighting its key features, everybody got a sneak peek into its design. The minimalist and sleek design is similar to the Oura Ring, featuring three colors: ceramic black, gold, and silver. 

The ring sizes range from 5 to 13 (including small, medium, large, or extra large). However, Samsung hasn’t yet shared how you will be able to choose the size for your ring yourself. 

Is Samsung Delaying the Sizing Process?

While the newly unveiled smart ring promises to be a game-changer in the health and fitness tracking arena, the unconfirmed release date extends to the sizing process. Here are some key aspects based on my research:

1. Official Release Still Pending

While Samsung has announced its first-ever smart ring and its capabilities, a concrete release date remains elusive. It hasn’t rolled out the ordering process, including sizing kits, so the lack of clarity makes it difficult for potential buyers like me to plan ahead, especially regarding size determination. 

2. No Announcement regarding the Sizing Kit

No official announcements have been made regarding how users will figure out their Galaxy Ring size. It’s possible that Samsung is purposely delaying the announcement of the size procedure to have a greater effect later on.

I think that there’s a chance that as the release date approaches, Samsung may clarify its sizing policy and provide information on how to order the Galaxy Ring Sizing Kit to ensure a smooth and successful launch for this exciting new wearable. Until then, wait and watch!

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Wrap Up

When Samsung announces the official ordering process, it might offer pre-orders. So, to make sure I receive the ring right away, I am thinking about placing a preorder (if available). 

In this manner, I can verify my ring size before the ring ships by using the approved sizing procedure or by obtaining the sizing kit if one is offered. You, too, can opt for this if you want to have your perfect ring size.  


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