Humane Ai Pin Stock – When To Invest?

By Shubham Attri | Updated on March 22, 2024
Humane Ai Pin Stock

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The Humane Ai Pin, one of Time magazine’s “best inventions of 2023” is all set to be delivered in March 2024. With features like never seen before, it’s been eagerly awaited by many, which at the same time, because of the high demand also raising investors’ interest about Humane Ai Pin stock and if it is a public traded company or a private one. Of Course the high rise in demand and delivery will involve more production, hence, welcoming public investors in Humane Ai Pin stock.

Seeded by two former Apple employees, Imran Chaudhari and Bethany Bongiorno, Humane Ai aims to provide the screen free experience to the consumers. The price for this tiny wearable device starts from $699 and reaches up to $799 for three different variants which are Eclipse (black), Equinox (silver), and Lunar (white). Humane Ai has equipped its Ai Pin with its own mobile network T-mobile, which will cost the consumer about $24 monthly subscription charges and provide phone number and data coverage.

Humane Ai has set its own path for a very new journey and this has set the levels of curiosity around the globe to very high. As success involves money and is the reason behind Human Ai Pin stock searches. This piece will deal with Humane Ai Pin stock price, valuation and about the funding and Humane Ai investors. 

Humane Ai Pin Stock Price And Valuation

Humane Ai Pin stock price is not currently available because Humane. Inc is currently a private company and not publicly traded.

We however can guide the intrigued one on how we can approximate the Humane Ai Pin stock price by calculating the current valuation of the company divided by the no. of shares outstanding. As there is no news or data for the information about the number of shares of Humane Ai and as its a new company it can at any time issue any number of shares.

Current Valuation Of Humane Ai 

The valuation of Humane Ai on December 20, 2023 was around $200M, with the help of some noticeable investors from the AI and other IT companies. The valuation could have increased, if some more rounds of fundraising have been conducted in anticipation of generating more money to support the production and inventory flow, because as soon as they announced the release dates and pre-orders placements opening in January 2024, there have been flood of pre-orders. It must also be noted that Humane Ai is currently delivering in the U.S region only and the pre-orders are only from the same region, imagine how they could have dealt with this if they had announced delivery in more nations.

Humane Ai Funding And Investors

Humane Ai has raised a huge amount of $341M from funding. The idea on which Humane Ai has worked and succeeded in forming a product like the Ai Pin is something that definitely has some notable investors to come forward and support the cause and from where later they will make huge profits. Humane Ai funding has undoubtedly made them to the place where they are standing today, and they have always been in the news since the company was founded in 2018 and the primary reason for the company going viral so early is that both the founders are ex-Apple workers.

Humane Ai Fund-Raising Schedule

Series C+$100M
Series C$99.9M
Series B$99.9M$800M
Series A$41.2M
Common B
Common A

There are also news segments running over the social media that Humane Ai have removed over 10% of their workforce which will take jobs of about 4 people. Earlier it was being speculated that the company is facing losses soon after they announced the delivery dates along with opening of pre-orders, but Bethany took over to Linkedin to post and let the world know what exactly is happening inside. The post clearly states that the removals have been done to restructure the company from stealth AI organization to a firm which is more inclined towards customer-facing. This didn’t do any harm to the company in terms of traded shares and holdings, because Humane Ai is currently a private company and not a public company.

The minds behind the idea and making it possible are mentioned below;

Humane Ai Management
Bethany BongiornoCo-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Imran ChaudhriCo-Founder, President & Chairman
Patrick GatesCTO

Humane Ai Pin Investors

Humane Ai has intrigued many minds to invest in them, some of the top investors in Humane Ai are;

  • Tiger Global Management,
  • Salesforce Ventures
  • Sam Altman
  • Marc Benioff
  • Microsoft
  • Qualcomm Ventures
  • Lachy Groom
  • BOND Capital.

How To Buy Humane Ai Stock?

To buy Human Ai stock is currently not possible because the company currently is privately held and not dealing publicly. Humane Ai valuation is currently about $200M but there are no shares outstanding at the moment. As a new company, Humane Ai can announce any amount of shares anytime, and at that phase the current valuation divided by number of shares could give us the estimated Humane Ai Pin stock price.

No IPO has been launched yet, and the company has said nothing about the pre IPO session also. It seems like they are currently totally focusing on bringing the Humane Ai Pin into the market and to collect user reviews and then utilizing them to further improve the product and customer experience. 

They actually have set big goals for themselves, one among them is to eradicate the screens from devices and make them even more smarter, faster, reliable and workable then any smartphone ever, which is why the anticipations about Humane Ai replacing iPhone are being projected largely. On the other hand Rabbit r1 has also tried to do something of the same intention, but it’s not a wearable and just a shrunk smartphone. But the tiny wearable has plans entirely different from others, we just need to wait and watch how well the revolutionary tiny wearable performs.


Investors around the world are intrigued immediately by the announcement of any such product which holds the potential of changing the way it has been earlier. Humane Ai has promised themselves to change the mode, type and experience of interactions humans have with technology. Seamless, screenless and sensing is the tagline for Humane Ai, which is promising this human generation to provide them with something that they will oblige for a shift towards better days without screens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Humane Ai Pin Stock In Market?

The humane Ai is not currently in the stock market and there is no announcement regarding them launching the IPO as well. Humane Ai is currently a privately held company and may be anytime soon they announce IPO and come as publicly held one.

How Do I Invest In Humane Ai Pin Stock?

The most conventional and straightforward method is to look for a reliable centralized exchange where you can buy Ai Pin, similar to Binance.’s in such cases can be considered and in their markets section find the list of centralized exchanges and if the coin is listed on.

Is Humane Ai Pin Stock A Good Buy?

Nothing can be said at the moment, as Humane Ai has not launched IPO and is completely privately held. Once there are shares outstanding and considering the then valuation of the Humane Ai, we can only speculate if the Humane Ai Pin stock is a good buy or not.

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