Will Humane Ai Pin Replace iPhone

Will Humane Ai Pin Replace iPhone – The iPhone Killer

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“an iPod, a Phone and an internet communicator, these are not three different devices, this is in one device and we are calling it iPhone”, this is what Steve Jobs said when he announced the iPhone in Macworld convention on January 9, 2007. It’s about Humane Ai now which integrated all of the above along with AI in the Humane Ai Pin, will Humane Ai Pin replace iPhone to lead the industry further.

With a touchpad and no buttons, the Humane Ai Pin is a tiny wearable device and can be easily attached to your apparel or your lapel. Its promise to be screenless has definitely given nightmares to trend setters like Apple. Jobs didn’t only revolutionize the mobile industry, he designed it in a way that many other lookalikes are just part of, we can merely imagine, what he imagined years ago and materialized.

It’s obvious to be perplexed when Humane Ai Pin and Rabbit r1 has arrived to change the industry one more time. With one being screenless and the other being like a miniature smartphone, many tech enthusiasts around the world are also skeptical if the mobile industry is really nearing a change never seen before. We will be talking about more on this in detail and help you fix your disturbed chords to arrange the symphony.

Will Humane Ai Pin Replace iPhone?

From our perspective it’s not about eradicating the other and specifically the ones like iPhone who in a sense formed the industry, it’s just about providing the consumer with more reliable, adaptable, less harmful and more capable options and telling them new ways to interact with technology.

The Apple’s Speciality

With its own operating system known as Mac along with their own internet browser Safari, Apple helped other players to think differently and come up with something which could last in consumers memory for years to come. It’s continued even after 17 years from the first launch and their promise to innovation and intuitive design for both UI and UX is always distinct with every product they come up with. 

Many were being skeptical when Steve bid adieu to this world, but many didn’t understand that it was his idea which prevailed in every mind he used to work with and not as a man only narrating and making others understand what he needed. Any hairline difference between his idea and any director’s mindset, could cause repercussions leading to immediate eliminations. He wasn’t developing a company and was least concerned about stocks which was clear when he was kicked off from the board in mid 80’s, he was instead building a group of people with similar mentalities formation and working on one single idea so that no one needs to know what they are expected to do, this framework has given us the products which are stand alone even today. 

Technology Towards Transformation

But technology is bound to be transformed and that too on some irregular intervals, with Humane Ai Pin promising to take off the screens and still do the purpose of a mobile phone, its seeming like a revolution is approaching us and it’s giving questions to many head if Humane Ai Pin replace iPhone and many other similar devices. 

It’s pretty much understandable why the thought of a Humane Ai Pin replacing iPhone or will Humane Ai Pin replace iPhone is doing rounds on the internet. It’s mainly because the founders of Humane Ai, Imran Chaudhari and Bethany Bongiorno both have worked with Apple for many years. Imran was the director of design for products including the Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, AirPods, and HomePod whereas Bethany was the Director, iOS & macOS Software Engineering Program Management.

As it happens and many are anticipating it to happen again, ex workers are ditching the company. Our perspective doesn’t see it happening and if it would have been the scenario we don’t think Humane could have ever come up with such a revolutionary idea and even the Humane Ai logo is inspired by the Apple logo, if you look closely. It’s just about listening to the inner calling and trusting yourself enough and without any doubts. 

What Makes Humane Ai Pin Different From iPhone?

From the tiny screenless design to Android operating system along with AI’s Large Language Model (LLM), it’s almost everything with the new Humane Ai Pin which makes it different from iPhone.

Key Points which Makes Humane Ai Pin Different From iPhone

  1. A Humane Ai Pin is a tiny wearable device that can be attached to your apparel and lapel.
  2. Humane Ai Pin is totally AI integrated and doesn’t require you to type or raffle through different tabs for performing different tasks.
  3. There is no screen on the Humane Ai Pin, a laser ink LED projection however could be displayed over your palm for your viewing notifications.
  4. It functions with gestures and hand movements and understands and learns the users’ intuitions and then operates accordingly.
  5. Humane Ai Pin isn’t application oriented, and for any task ranging from calling, sending messages to booking a cab or buying something from Amazon, you just need to touch the touchpad and command.
  6. Humane Ai Pin is only e-SIM operated and that too region specific with U.S based T-mobile and a monthly subscription of $24, which provides the users with LTE/3G for voice calls, remote data and can be connected to Wi-fi 5, Bluetooth 5 with global positioning Wi-fi also.
  7. Humane Ai Pin is a standalone Ai smart device which does not rely on any other devices for its functioning.

Why Is Human Ai Pin Called iPhone Killer?

There are various reasons which many tech enthusiasts are speculating about. It’s now being considered as the beginning of the new era and specifically in the mobile phone industry this wave will bring and take many monuments with it. Below are the some reasons which seems like valid to us;

  1. One of the prime reasons is that it’s being developed by ex-Apple workers.
  2. Humane Ai is funded by Open Ai and Microsoft, which are considered strong rivals of Apple in the tech industry.
  3. The screenless operations in Humane Ai Pin could specifically appeal to many to switch to the Humane Ai Pin and this being considered as a potential danger.
  4. It operated effortlessly and require very less skills to be operated because it’s totally AI integrated.
  5. Users don’t need to check for notifications again and again, that also happens when you are wearing an Apple watch and using an iPhone, but the Humane Ai Pin is a stand alone device, the different colors of Beacon light will alarm you about any new notifications. 


It’s just the game of a few more months before we actually hold devices like Humane Ai Pin and Rabbit r1 and then forming an opinion and comparing the features and workability of them with the iPhone would be backed with actual facts and knowledge. Tech enthusiasts are even doing Humane Vs Rabbit r1 when none of them is actually available to use. As for now, we are only contained with the information and data which the developers are themselves providing and there is no chance that we can form an opinion which could seem real.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Humane Ai Pin Replace A Smartphone?

The Humane Ai doesn’t say anything specific about their Ai Pin replacing the smartphone. They just however have developed a device which could function similarly like a smartphone but without screen, this could intensely break the usage of conventional screens and a huge shift could be observed.

What Are The Cons Of The Humane Ai Pin?

The main concern considered as the Con of the Humane Ai Pin is the missing of a screen, this could limit the functionality as many are speculating. As per Humane Ai, their Ai Pin on the other hand is more capable of a smartphone with screens.

How Much Will Humane Ai Pin Cost?

Humane Ai Pin cost starts from $699 and goes up to $799. It comes in three different variants which are Eclipse (black), Equinox (silver), and Lunar (white).

Meet Shubham, your wrist-tech companion! As a Smart Watches aficionado, he weaves tech tales with a dash of personal flair. Let Shubham guide you through a world where your wristwear not only tells time but also reflects your style and passion for innovation. Get ready to explore the smart side of fashion with your go-to guru, Shubham!

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