What Does Humane Ai Pin Subscription Offer

What Does Humane Ai Pin Subscription Offer? Check What’s In The Box!

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Wearables are not anymore about the smart watches or smart rings only, now devices like the Humane Ai Pin are equipped with technology that will integrate AI into the fabric of your daily life. With every new arrival in tech, comes many doubts, one among them is what does Humane Ai Pin subscription offers when they are charging $24 monthly.

Humane AI Pin has an array of features to offer, with a screenless standalone design which removes the need for holding the device in your hand, but offers a mini Laser-projector display that projects on your palm. Equipped with AI-powered optical recognition,the high graded sensors to understand your surroundings and with the power of a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor along with 21 GHz with 4 GB RAM and 32 GB eMMC long-term storage, and weight of just 34 grams, it’s a tiny beast.

It’s new, it’s revolutionary, it’s something never seen before, and this is what is giving goosebumps to us. Confusions and doubts are obvious when there will be speculations, but we have bought only official information. This post will talk about the Human Ai subscription, the subscription plan summary and other concerns like canceling the subscription also. 

What Does Humane Ai Pin Subscription Offer?

Humane Ai Pin subscription is $24 monthly plus taxes and fess. This is what the future users are confused about that what does the subscription with such amount will be offering.

Humane Ai Pin subscription offer;

  1. A dedicated phone number for your Ai Pin
  2. Unlimited talk, text, and data within the U.S.
  3. Unlimited texting to international numbers from the U.S.
  4. Voicemail and voicemail transcription
  5. Three-way calling
  6. Call waiting
  7. Caller ID

Humane Ai Pin Subscription Offers Add-On And International Roaming

Humane Ai Pin subscription offers the add-ons for International Roaming. In this facility they are offering passes, to incorporate many users’ needs which will allow them to use the Ai Pin’s phone, SMS, and data connectivity while traveling outside the U.S. region in over 200 countries. 

You can easily choose from the below mentioned three International Roaming passes depending on your travel requirements, all three passes include unlimited talk, text, and data for the duration of the pass.

Pass DurationPrice
1 day$5
10 days$35
30 days$50

Users can visit Humane.Center and can add International Roaming passes by quickly selecting a start date for any pass. Users can buy multiple passes, but activating multiple passes at the same time is not allowed at the moment. Passes are easily cancelable any time but before their start date, but are not refundable in nature after they have started. Whenever needed, passes can be bought separately and are not available on a subscription basis.

Humane Ai Pin Subscription Plan Summary

Core Plan

The Core plan for Humane Ai subscription is $24/month plus taxes and fees. With a monthly billing cycle with the same features included, until you add on some roaming plan.

Start date

Once you have successfully completed the subscription sign-up, which you will be prompted to once your Ai Pin is shipped you will then receive a charge of $24 + taxes and fees on your preferred payment method. The date of this billing does not indicate the starting of the billing cycle. The billing cycle will begin on the date when the device has been received and successfully activated.


Consumers must be informed that device is currently limited for domestic roaming, only for the U.S region

How To Manage Humane Ai Pin Subscription?

To manage a Humane Ai Pin subscription is easy as explained below is simple steps;

  • After you have set up your Humane Ai Pin subscription it can be managed easily, directly in your Account under the Subscription & Billing section.
  • You can review your data usage, billing cycles and statements, update your payment method and sign up for Premium add-ons whenever you need them hasslefree.
  • If in any case you need to pause your subscription, you may do so easily for one billing cycle and still continue to have access to the services until your existing billing cycle ends. 
  • After you have paused subscription, your device will be in a blocked state, which means inoperational but your data will be accessible from your account. 
  • Later whenever you need, you can simply unpause and all services will be resumed back to their functions.

How To Cancel Humane Ai Pin Subscription?

  1. You can cancel the Humane Ai subscription at any time.
  2. If you cancel the subscription before your next billing date, you will still have access through the end of the existing billing cycle. 
  3. After your existing billing cycle ends, your services will be stopped. While you will still have access to your data within your account and the Ai Pin device will remain inoperable.
  4. Not reactivating your Humane AI subscription within 60 days, will lead to the termination of services completely and your phone number will be revoked on a permanent basis.


Humane Ai has not done something which was not doable, the factor to be appreciated is that they just reimagined the technology and are going back to basics, where communication to technology is without any screen but the efficiency is all time high with the integration of AI. Instead of feeding prompts through a keyboard, let us speak up our mind and see what AI does for us. Huge support in terms of funds, data and technology from giants like Microsoft and OpenAI will really lead this revolution to somewhere, where this revolution will be leading the whole tech industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Advantages Of Humane AI Pin?

The advantage and the primary objective of the Humane Ai Pin is to communicate with technology without any screens, while you are driving, watching T.V or busy shopping groceries on a weekend, just ask the Ai Pin to shoot messages for you or to collect  information from the notifications you have received or any such task which we usually do on a mobile phone, but all without holding it in your hand.

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