Oura Ring Vs Whoop – Find The Best Fitness Tracker For You! 

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Oura Ring Vs Whoop

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Be a part of the fitness revolution that has taken the world by storm. You can try to access trending discussions on Oura Ring vs Whoop Reddit forums, only to end up needing clarification. Fret no more and stay with us for the latest Whoop vs Oura 2023 updates on features and specs.

Wearable tech has taken fitness tracking up a notch and offers personalized data based on the user’s health, activity, sleep, strain, recovery, and more. Smart watches, smart rings, and wrist or bicep bands are some of the most popular forms of fitness trackers that are preferred by fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Moreover, many athletes and celebrities who wear Oura Ring and Whoop have shared their wonderful experiences on various social media platforms.

Observing the functionality and comparing Oura Ring vs Whoop clearly shows that while most functionalities are similar, Whoop does not track the wearer’s activities and specializes in sleep, stress, strain, recovery, and health monitoring.

Health and fitness enthusiasts are on an insatiable quest to find the perfect answer to Oura Ring vs Whoop, which is the better wearable tech. We present to you exclusive insights into the Whoop and Oura Ring review, and all the latest, and currently trending updates regarding the never-ending Whoop vs Oura 2023 debates. 

Oura Ring Vs Whoop

Fitness trackers are 360° holistic health assistants, that monitor the wearer throughout the day and night, to generate accurate information on their vitals. It is very important to thoroughly understand the features and benefits before you make the final decision to choose either Oura Ring or Whoop. 

Before we proceed to make a comparison of Oura Ring vs Whoop, you should understand that the fitness tracker you choose will stay with you 24×7, and help you to gain personalized insights into your health and wellness. 

Oura Ring Vs Whoop – Design

Oura Ring Vs Whoop: Design
Image Credits: Tecligster

The Oura Ring Gen 3 flaunts a minimalistic design that is made of ultra-lightweight Titanium that weighs just 4 to 6 grams, which makes the smart ring sturdy yet stylish. Users who wish to buy Oura Ring can choose between Horizon and Heritage designs, that is available in Brushed Titanium, Stealth, Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, and Black finish. 

Whoop 4.0 which is designed by Aruliden, is one of the latest. Most advanced wearable tech, that can be used both as a wrist and bicep band. It includes an Onyx SuperKnit Whoop band, that can be customized with a band, clasp, hook, and FastLink Slider in multiple colors. Moreover, interested users can shop for SuperKnit Luxe Bands with precious metal plating, which is customizable in up to 74,000 color and material combinations.

Oura Ring Vs Whoop – Sizing Kit 

Oura Ring Vs Whoop - Sizing Kit 
Image Credits: Ubuy

The developers of the Oura Ring recommend all users get a free Oura Ring sizing kit before purchasing the Oura Ring. The perfect fit of Oura Ring is a crucial factor that could affect the accuracy of the user’s health metrics generated. So, ensure that you confirm your ring size with the official sizing kit that contains 8 demo rings of sizes 6 to 13.

Whoop is a fitness and activity-tracking band, that has an adjustable strap. It can be worn in multiple ways and is commonly used either as a wristband or a bicep band. Users who wish to buy Whoop need not have to worry about checking the size and fit with a sizing kit. Nevertheless, Whoop offers a one-month free trial for users to check out the features and functioning of the fitness tracker, before they start their fitness journey with Whoop.

Oura Ring Vs Whoop – Hardware

You will notice that most of the discussions on Oura Ring vs Whoop Reddit forums are primarily centered around the hardware components used in the fitness trackers. Let us make a detailed comparison of both Oura Ring and Whoop hardware components.

Hardware Oura Ring Gen 3Whoop 4.0
Material Lightweight TitaniumSuperknit band
Size 6 to 13Adjustable 
Battery LiPo batterySila’s Silicon Anode battery
Battery life 4 to 7 days5 days
Charge time20 to 80 minutes2 to 2.5 hours
Charger Charging dock USB-CWireless Battery pack
Sensors 3 LEDs & 7 temperature sensors5 LEDs & 4 photodiodes
Water resistance Up to 100 mIP68 up to 10 m
Connectivity BluetoothBluetooth
Compatibility Android & iOS devicesAndroid & iOS devices

Oura Ring Vs Whoop – Features

The Oura Ring Gen 3 offers personalized insights into the user’s health and wellness, through the Oura App. All users can connect Oura Ring to iPhone or Android devices, and view their real-time health metrics directly on their smartphones. Furthermore, they can get a premium Oura membership, to get personalized insights on their Sleep, Activity, and Recovery. 

Whoop is a wearable tech that tracks the wearer’s sleep, stress, strain, recovery, and health biometrics, and provides personalized coaching based on the fitness goal. All users can install the Whoop app on their Android and iOS devices, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store. All users have to pay upfront for a Whoop membership, to access their personalized metrics generated by the gadget, after 3 days of free trial.

Oura Ring Vs Whoop – Health Metrics

Health concern is one of the major driving factors that encourage users to get fitness trackers to help monitor their health. Most of the wearable tech today makes use of cutting-edge technology, that enables users to access medical-grade metrics right in the comfort of their homes. 

We shall now explore in detail the health metrics offered by Oura Ring and Whoop, to find out the fitness tracker that best suits our needs.

Health MetricsOura RingWhoop
Active minutesYesNo 
Activity typesYesNo 
Activity intensity YesNo 
Heart rateYesYes
Resting heart rateYesYes
Blood Oxygen SpO2YesYes
Heart rate variabilityYesYes
Sleep cycles trackingYesYes
Pulse oximeterYesYes
Skin temperatureYesYes
Respiratory rateYesYes
Step count YesNo 
Calories burnedYesYes 
Haptic alerts No Yes

Oura Ring Vs Whoop –  Gadget Placement

The Oura Ring is a smart ring that is designed to be worn on the user’s fingers. It is available in multiple sizes, and all users can get a free Oura sizing kit, to find out the perfect fit for their finger, before they place the final order to buy Oura Ring. Oura recommends users wear the smart ring either on their index finger or the middle finger for accurate metrics.

Whoop, on the other hand, works to make wearables invisible, such as Whoop Body with Any-wear technology, enabling users to wear the Whoop band in different places on their bodies. Whoop has its very own collection of body apparel that enables users to wear their Whoop 4.0 in many other places besides their wrists as follows:

  • Training Collection – sports bras, athletic boxers, shorts, leggings, and compression tops.
  • Intimate Collection – everyday boxers and bralettes.

All apparel available in the Whoop Body garment collection has a discrete pod into which the Whoop 4.0 to effortlessly slide. The fitness tracker will be able to seamlessly capture all the vital data from anywhere. Many users frequently use it as an ankle band or a bicep band. 

Oura Ring Vs Whoop – Cost

Finally, it is time for us to see the numbers. The cost price is one of the most significant forces, that is often the deciding factor when it comes to purchasing fitness trackers. After you have explored the pros and cons, and the Oura Ring review, you might choose to buy Oura Ring, to experience its functioning for yourself. The Oura Ring costs $299 USD + and can be bought directly from the Oura website or from any of the e-commerce channels. Moreover, you can easily fix Oura Ring not charging issue with the help of charger replacement for $59 USD.

The all-new Whoop 4.0 can be accessed with a one-month membership and an expertly inspected pre-owned band, for a trial period, after which they can get customized bands from the Whoop Store. Users can grab their favorite combination of band, metal print, and design for prices ranging from $30 USD to $111 USD+, depending on the combo. Furthermore, all Whoop devices have a lifetime warranty and will be replaced or upgraded, as long as you have purchased it directly from Whoop and have an active membership.

Oura Ring Vs Whoop – Membership

Accurate insights and personalized guidance are possible in Oura Ring and Whoop, only with a membership plan. Oura Ring Gen 3 users are eligible for an Oura Membership of $5.99 USD before tax, which starts after a one-month free trial period. This exclusive membership enables users to access personalized data of detailed sleep analysis, period prediction, dynamic activity goals, and period wellness reports, that are not available to others. Nevertheless, users can cancel Oura membership at any given time.

Whoop membership is of utmost importance when starting your fitness journey with the wearable tech. Whoop 4.0 comes with a one-month free membership, after which users can get a monthly subscription for $30 USD per month, or any of the following membership benefits, which include a lifetime warranty for the duration of the membership.

Membership Total CostCyber Sale CostDiscount = per month
Annual $239$199$40$14.96 
24 Month$399$359$40$16.58

Wrap Up

The final decision to buy either Oura Ring or Whoop could be one of the most important decisions that you make in your fitness journey. Instead of participating in heated discussions on Oura Ring vs Whoop forums, we hope that with the help of the information given in this article, you are now able to choose the fitness tracker that meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Is Better Oura Or Whoop?

While the Oura Ring is better for sleep and health tracking, Whoop is best suited for users who wish to monitor stress, strain, recovery, etc. that affect the physiological profile of the user.

Q2. What Is Better Than A Whoop?

The Apple Watch series and the Oura Ring are better than Whoop for the accuracy of the metrics generated.

Q3. Is Whoop Really Accurate?

Researchers have estimated that Whoop has 99.7% accuracy in measuring the heart rate of the user, and has surpassed the accuracy levels of many other fitness trackers in this regard.

Q4. Do You Have To Pay Monthly For Oura Ring?

Yes, you have to pay a monthly subscription of $5.99 USD every month, to access the personalized insights that are generated by your Oura Ring. 

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