Is Movano Going To Exhibit Evie Ring In CES 2024

By Smriti Razdan | Updated on May 3, 2024
Is Movano Going To Exhibit Evie Ring In CES 2024

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John Mastrototaro, the CEO of Movano Health holds a Ph.d in biomedical engineering and experience of 30 long years, he himself interviewed over 1000 women of different age groups and conducted different types of surveys and then formulated the design and equip the Evie ring with the features which the whole world is looking for. The hard work paid off and Movano has been now invited to showcase the solution in CES 2024, yes, Movano is going to exhibit Evie ring in CES 2024 and will be conferred with Innovation Honoree Award.

It is the smallest ever patented radio frequency enabled sensor for measuring blood pressure and glucose monitoring and is quite famous as the first medical grade wearable device ever made. Its open and flexible design with scratch resistant liquid metal has definitely won some awards and is really thoughtfully designed and manufactured as Stacy Salvi, the chief of product and strategy of Movano Health says “we know that women’s knuckles can get a little larger [due to hormonal fluctuation during perimenopause and menopause], and we want to ensure that she has a really good fit.”

As the Movano tagline goes, at the intersection of medical and consumer devices, it really seems meaningful when they have got their two health metrics approved from FDA and equipped it with technologies like photoplethysmography (PPG) and near-infrared spectroscopy, it’s not some glittery piece of ornament in your finger. 

Evie Ring To Get The Innovation Honoree Award In CES 2024

The CES innovation award is an annual competition which recognises and honors products from over 29 categories for outstanding innovation and unconventional engineering in consumer technology. CES 2024 has received more than 3000 entries for innovation awards which is 40% higher than last year. CES 2024 will honor 36 products recognised as “Best of Innovation”, and Movano’s Evie ring is one among them, whereas there are many other wearables which we can expect in CES 2024, its really going to be big this time.

“Earning the CES Innovation Award is a momentous achievement for us and reinforces  the importance of our mission,” said John Mastrototaro , CEO of Movano Health. “As highlighted by the increasing emergence of women’s health initiatives such as the one recently announced by the White House, women have traditionally been underserved in the healthcare market and there’s a shifting focus towards closing this gap. With Evie,  we aim to provide women with more accessible and actionable health data to help them live healthier lives.”

An independent panel of judges including experts from media, designer and engineers reviews the entries from different categories and for different products, the members submit their reports and the top rated products are designated as “Best of Innovation”. This year the top two categories by the number of entries are digital health and sustainability, eco-design and smart energy. The wave really reflects the trend upcoming in digital health, where wearable is a prominent category and Movano has successfully found its spot in there and now, will exhibit Evie ring in CES 2024 and collect the award of honor.

Apart from this, there are many rumors that Samsung could also showcase their Galaxy Fit 3 in CES 2024 and rumors doesn’t settle over here only, its also being anticipated that Fitbit Luxe 2 with upgraded versions could also be exhibited in CES 2024, since Google bought Fitbit, there are not many updates released. Let’s wait and watch, when Movano going to exhibit Evie ring in CES 2024, is confirmed but rumors and speculations about other tech giants are really make the wait amazing.


The amount of hard work, details and scrutiny Movano pulled off in developing the Evie ring is something very clearly visible when they are earning laurels in events like CES 2024. How well they have curated the Evie ring from design to features and technological equipment along with never before seen sensors and their specifications, have landed them on the podium of CES 2024. 

It really feels good when your efforts pay you, although it’s also about persistence and taking feedback positively and never skipping a chance to improve, because there always remains the tendency to improve and be better.


Is The Evie Ring FSA Eligible?

Yes, the Evie ring is FSA eligible. You can contact your provider for reimbursement and other formalities you need to fulfill.

What Is The Movano Smart Ring?

Movano smart ring, named as Evie ring, is one of the most advanced smart rings when it comes to technology, sensors, features and very fresh approach to measure the biometrics of users.

Is The Evie Ring FDA Approved?

Movano has reported they have applied for the FDA for two of their bio metrics and they are quite sure that they will get it done. If Evie ring gets the approval it will be one of its kind.

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Smriti is a true tech aficionado and WearableXP’s resident review specialist. Her approach to technology is anything but ordinary. After years of research and expertise in cutting-edge consumer technology, she is now exploring the world of smart wearables only to evaluate and bring her unique insights.

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