How To Disable Airplane Mode On Oura Ring?

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on May 8, 2024
How To Disable Airplane Mode On Oura

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In today’s hyper-connected world, where we have so many gadgets by our side and are alarmed by notifications 24X7, it can sometimes become frustrating. I occasionally put my phone or devices on airplane mode to calm my mind and take a break.

I was recently traveling with my Oura Ring and accidentally forgot my charger. The only way to preserve my battery was to put the ring on airplane mode, and I did the same. But I was surprised to find out that disabling the airplane mode would be a hard nut to crack because you just can’t do it directly from the Oura app. If you are also trying to figure out how to disable the airplane mode on Oura Ring, this article may be of help.

Disable Airplane Mode On Oura Ring

Every time you put your ring back on its charger, Airplane Mode is immediately turned off. After disabling Airplane Mode, recharging will trigger a data sync between your app and ring.

Make sure your app is up to date with the most recent version if you experience any problems during the data sync. 

If your ring is not syncing after disabling airplane mode, you can reopen the app. If it still gives an issue, I recommend you contact Oura’s support team. This applies the same for those whose ring is not tracking data in Airplane mode

Pros And Cons Of Oura Ring On Airplane Mode


One of the biggest pros of putting the Oura ring in airplane mode is that you can save your ring’s battery life. But after researching so many fitness trackers, one thing that made me choose the Oura ring is its zero EMF when the device is in airplane mode.

Although there is EMF radiation when the Airplane mode is turned off, my recommendation for people worried about exposing themselves to the EMF is to wear the ring and simultaneously put it in airplane mode. You can turn it off when you put it on the charging dock and when you sync your health data with the app.  


The downside of using the Oura Ring in Airplane mode when wearing it is that you will only be able to see the real-time data if you turn on the Bluetooth and put the ring in the charging dock. 

So, if you are in the middle of some activity while your Oura Ring is in Airplane mode, you will not be able to check the data. Of course, if you do not care about the EMF exposure, you can keep the Bluetooth on and see the data on the phone in real-time. 

The other con is that I can only disable the Oura Ring from airplane mode if it is in the charging dock. This is the biggest problem and complaint of the people using the ring along with me because the fact I don’t have a charger is the only reason I activated airplane mode in the first place.

Things to Keep in Mind

Only seven days at most can be spent in airplane mode, as the ring takes a week to go out of full charge even if it is in Airplane Mode. This implies that you will need to re-enable Airplane Mode once a week if you wish to use it that way for prolonged periods of time. When the ring is placed on your charger, it is automatically removed from the Airplane Mode. If you’d like, after the ring is finished charging, you’ll need to reactivate Airplane Mode.


Turning off airplane mode on your Oura Ring is an easy but necessary step to keep your smartphone connected to the internet without interruption. By adhering to the above step-by-step guide, you can ensure you’re always connected and prepared to take advantage of your Oura Ring’s full potential for health tracking and insights.

Maximizing the use of your Oura Ring involves more than just being an expert at turning off airplane mode. Make sure you take advantage of all the features and functionalities offered by the Oura app to ensure that it can fully assist your journey toward health and well-being.

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