Samsung Galaxy Ring Battery Life: What To Expect!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on May 5, 2024
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Samsung ring Battery Life

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Imagine a world where you don’t have to worry about recharging your fitness tracker time and again to give you the metrics. But, of course, that’s remotely possible. We’ve all been there, scrambling for the charger just as our fitness tracker decides to die! 

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Ring is said to have an incredible battery life that should put a stop to such worries. But I’m thinking, can this stylish, sleek ring live up to the reputation of lasting for days without needing a juice-up? 

Samsung Galaxy Ring Battery Life Expectations

The Samsung Galaxy ring battery life is said to have a battery backup of 5-9 days on a single charge, claimed by Samsung chief Roh Tae-moon to FNNews, but it is yet to be seen whether the ring lives up to the claimed whisperings. 

With a stated battery life of five to nine days for the Galaxy Ring, Samsung lays down a bold claim. Especially in comparison to rivals, that is a daring statement. But how long does a ring battery last? Here is a quick comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Ring battery life and its competitors:

Smart Ring Battery Life
Samsung Galaxy ring Claims to be 5-9 days
Oura Ring Upto 7 days
RingConn/Ultrahuman Upto 4-6 days
Evie Ring  Upto 4 days

Don’t get me wrong. But based on estimations, I am not getting my hopes high before having the ring on my finger because the same happened to me with the Oura ring. 

With a 15mAh to 22mAh capacity, the Oura Ring is supposed to last up to seven days on a single charge. However, since I activate continuous SpO2 monitoring, I usually only get three to five days. 

So, when Galaxy provides a capacity of 14.5mAh to 21.5mAh (as the ring increases in size), how is it possible for the Samsung smart ring to have an average life of ring battery more than the Oura ring? 

However, based on my research, Samsung might incorporate various battery optimization techniques into the Galaxy Ring to ensure extended usage and achieve the claimed longevity under specific conditions. Well, this is something I would want to see.

Factors That’ll Affect the Samsung Galaxy Ring Battery Life

Since I am not sure how Samsung will use its sensors and other periodic readings, continuous tracking might rack up the battery life. Here is a list of a few factors that could affect the battery life of the upcoming Samsung Smart Ring:

1. Ring Size Matters

The size of the ring you choose may also have an impact on the battery life. As the ring comes up in sizes ranging from 5 to 13, the battery size grows in proportion to the ring size.

2. Health Metrics Tracking Intensity

Compared to simple step counting, features like continuous heart rate monitoring and detailed sleep tracking will drain more battery life.

3. Constant Bluetooth Connection

The constant connection to your phone might impact the ring’s battery life, but staying connected is important for the ring’s functionality.

Note: Since the Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring has yet to be launched, all the necessary information regarding the ring’s charging time, how to check its battery life, and how to charge the smart ring remains yet to be answered. Only then can I answer whether the Samsung Galaxy Ring battery life is worth the hype or just another example of overpromising from the tech sector. 

Wrap Up

Samsung is definitely playing its card, claiming to have a battery life of up to 9 days compared to its competitors. While the official figures provide a range, real-world usage will determine the actual duration.

I am eagerly awaiting the ring launch to provide you with further details and paint a clearer picture of the Samsung Galaxy ring battery life performance. However, one thing seems certain: it might be the fitness tracker buddy you were on the hunt for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does The Samsung Galaxy Ring Battery Take To Charge?

Since the ring has not been launched yet, it is impossible to say how long it takes to charge. You must wait for the official launch to have concrete information about it. However, considering the Evie Ring takes around 60 minutes to get fully charged and the Oura ring provides a window of 20 -80 minutes, it can be assumed that the Samsung Galaxy ring might take up to 60 minutes on average to charge up.

How To Check Samsung Galaxy Ring Battery Life?

It is speculated users can check the battery life just by tapping the app. Also, the ring might notify when the battery needs to be recharged


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