Can You Sync Oura Ring With Multiple Devices At A Time?

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on May 5, 2024
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How To Sync Oura Ring With Multiple Devices?

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I remember the days when smartphones were the new IT thing. Now, there is a tablet in one pocket, a mobile in the other, a smartwatch on one wrist, a fitness tracker on the other, with smart rings on the fingers and smart glasses on the face. 

Well, the count goes on! And because of this- the dilemma I faced when I bought my Oura Ring was if I could sync my Oura Ring with my multiple devices at the same time. If you are someone with the same question, then I have some sad news for you. 

Well you cannot connect a single Oura ring with multiple devices at the same time. However I tried connecting it and faced some login errors. So let’s find out the reason why Oura doesn’t allow their ring to connect to more than one device. And if you stay till the end-, there’s a hack hidden for you!

Can you Connect Oura Ring With Multiple Devices?

The smart Ring Oura collects data with its advanced sensors and syncs it to the Oura App downloaded on its primary connected device. However, you cannot sync Oura Ring with multiple devices simultaneously. 

Oura follows a strict ‘One Ring, One Account, One Device’ policy. According to this, you can only use one Oura Account with One Oura Ring on One active device. However, you can connect or login the same account on multiple devices. But Oura Ring will sync the information and metrics only with the currently active device and render all the login devices inactive. 

Once you log in on another device, the earlier logged-in account will go into a restricted mode and stop syncing data. To retrieve it, you need to factory reset and download the backup.

After reading Oura’s guidelines, I wasn’t sure about what devices were included in this limitation. So, I tested and tried syncing Oura with multiple devices, like-

  • Using the Oura App On My Phone and Tablet simultaneously
  • Using the Oura App On My Phone and Smart Watch simultaneously
  • Using the Oura App On My Tablet and Smart Watch simultaneously

However, in each case, I was not able to connect my Oura Ring to 2 devices at the same time. Oura’s One Ring, One Device policy restricted me from syncing my smart ring with various iOS and Android devices or fitness gadgets. Even when I successfully paired my Oura Ring to multiple devices, I observed it could actively be connected with only one primary device.

Once logged in on a new device, the earlier logged-in account automatically went into restricted mode. The account then needed to be factory reset and logged in again. After that, only the backed-up data (Auto Backup or Manual Backup) was recovered.

PS- If your old device is somehow inoperable or lost, and someone else attempts to pair your Oura Ring (currently paired) with a new or alternate device, your ring’s data and account will go into Restricted Mode. In this case, the Oura App will prompt you to factory reset the ring and its associated account to turn off Restricted Mode. Data saved on the ring since your last sync will be erased, but any historical data saved before sync will still be available.

Well, I didn’t stop there; I tried using different hacks with multiple accounts and multiple Rings to see if I could somehow sync Oura data metrics in different devices. If you are also thinking of such workarounds, let me solve your doubts

Can you Connect Oura Ring to Multiple Accounts?

Only one Account can be associated with one Oura Ring. You cannot change or connect multiple accounts to one Oura Ring. When I tried pairing my Oura Ring with a new iOS device and an Android mobile, I was asked to log in with the same registered account credentials. Though I could change my associated Email or password, the account remained the same.

Can you Connect Multiple Oura Rings to the Same Account?

One Oura Account only supports one Oura Ring. You cannot sync two or more Oura Rings to one Oura account. When I tried connecting my new Oura Ring with the same account, I was unable to set up the ring. To prevent the exchange of data for a different Ring, irrespective of the model, the user needs to create a separate account.

Disappointed! Well, don’t be because after trying so many alternatives, I finally found a small loophole. Want to know what? Let’s see how I accessed my Oura Ring on 2 different devices.

How To Sync Oura Ring With Multiple Devices: Using Oura on the Web

Oura Ring’s intended use and setup currently give access to only one device for syncing its health metrics, score, and analysis reports.

However, in addition to the Oura App on your primary connected device, you can view, access, and compare your data through the Oura on the Web. It also offers multiple options for viewing, exporting, and sharing your data. On the web dashboard, you can view-

  • Readiness Score
  • Sleep Pattern Trend
  • Recovery Pattern Trend
  • Activity Trend
  • Compare and Correlate Two Metrics
  • View Your HRV and RHR in HD
  • Put Your Data Under the Microscope
  • Tracking Your Long-Term Health Patterns
  • Run an experiment with a specific goal in mind

How to Use Oura on the Web

To log in to Oura on the Web:

  1. Go to Oura on the Web
  2. Enter the email address and password registered with your Oura account
  3. Click Sign in

Oura on the Web also offers a Guide where you will find explanations of all Oura metrics available to be compared via Trends. In Trends, you can compare two of your unique Oura data points (e.g., temperature deviation or sleep efficiency) at once.

You can download your Oura data in a CSV or JSON or use the Share Report function to share a PDF summary with physicians, nutritionists, therapists, or trainers. On downloading, the totals will be presented in seconds, not hours or minutes.

But Oura on the web can only work with the browser. If you want to sync a different device with your Oura ring, you need to transfer your Oura Data to the New Device

How to Transfer or Sync Oura Data to New Device: Android & iOS

To transfer your Oura ring data and Oura account to a new phone, tablet, or other supported device, you first need to remove your ring from the old Android or iOS device and then Connect your ring to the new device.

Remove your Ring From the Old Device

  1. Connect to a stable internet connection.
  2. Place your ring on the charger until it is 50% charged.
  3. Open Oura App > Oura App’s Home home icon tab.
  4. Go to the menu bars icon menu in the upper left-hand corner.
  5. Select Settings > Sign Out. Your Oura app data will automatically be backed up during the sign-out process.
  6. Open Bluetooth Settings and remove your Oura Ring from the connected devices.

Connect your Ring to the New Device

  1. Leave your ring on the charger, connected to a power source
  2. Install the Oura App on your new phone
  3. Log in to your registered Oura account & connect your ring.
  4. After Sign-in is complete in your new device > uninstall the Oura App from your old phone.

Note:-  You can only transfer or sync your Oura Ring backup data to a new device when they have the same operating system and Login Account i.e.- From iOS to iOS or Android to Android. If you try to transfer from iOS to Android or vice versa, your data will not transfer but will always be available in the cloud.

Wrapping Up

Oura enables users to officially integrate with multiple apps to boost their fitness tracking, it does not allow users to sync Oura Ring with multiple devices simultaneously. 

Due to Oura One Ring, One Device, One Account Policy, your Oura Ring can sync with only one primary device. however you can use certain hacks given above to access your data on the bigger window.

I hope all your questions regarding Oura’s syncing and its connected devices are cleared. I tried to test multiple hacks, and you can see the outcomes. However, if you find any other sneaky loophole, don’t keep it to yourself. I’ll be waiting for your extraordinary workarounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Sync Oura Rings?

You can sync Oura Ring by downloading the Oura app to your smartphone and logging in with your Oura Account to start synchronization automatically.

Can I connect my Oura Ring to two devices?

One Oura Ring can be paired to multiple devices but it will sync and actively work with only one primary device. You cannot sync your Oura Rings to 2 devices simultaneously. Although, you can also access your data by loggin In on Oura on the Web.

What is Restricted Mode in Oura Ring?

Restricted Mode protects your information in case an unwanted party gets a hold of your Oura Ring and attempts to pair it with their device or if you attempt to pair your ring to a new device without performing a factory reset on it first.
If the Oura App notifies you that it’s in Restricted Mode, you’ll need to reset your ring to its factory settings in order to continue using it.


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