Will Samsung Ring Work With iPhone

Will Galaxy Ring Work With iPhone?

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The Galaxy ring is one of the most anticipated wearables I am eagerly waiting for. However, I understand it is just a smart ring, and we already have a couple of alternatives available in the market, from Oura (Celeb’s fave) to Evie (women-centered) and many more. 

But the thing that has kept me hooked on the Galaxy Ring is that it will complete Samsung’s ecosystem. However, if you are an iOS user waiting for Samsung’s ring to drop, you should know whether the Galaxy ring will work with the iPhone, and I am going to tell you that. 

Will Galaxy Ring Work With iPhone?

Sadly, the Galaxy ring will not work with the iPhone. At the time of launch, it is said to be only compatible with the Galaxy series phone. Although Samsung is “working on ensuring” that non-Galaxy Samsung users will be able to use the Galaxy ring, but the company has no plans to make its ring compatible with iOS devices. 

Samsung Vice President Hon Pak said in the Unpacked Event 2024 while revealing the discreet and minimalist fitness ring, “We recognize the iOS/Android challenge, and we ultimately hope that our devices are of such caliber that people will be willing to switch.”

With such a bold statement, I am pretty sure that Samsung is all in on making its grand entry into the smart rings market. The Galaxy ring is just one part of its broader goal to create a health ecosystem to show us our health metrics in order to make people more aware of their health and well-being. 

That’s why Samsung is also launching a new metric called My Vitality Score for the ring, a rating to evaluate your sleep, activity, resting heart rate, and HRV (heart rate variability) and give you a readiness score accordingly. Said this, presumably, Samsung will also offer the Booster cards feature to help you access scientific and personalized information and tips based on your gathered data.

However, there is still time for us to evaluate all the features and algorithms once the rings are available for sale later this summer.

Reason Why I Think Samsung Galaxy Ring Will Not Connect With iPhone? 

Just like the Apple Watch is incompatible with Androids, I think Samsung is also doing the same with its Galaxy ring exclusivity.

While most of you might think that the Samsung Galaxy Ring is under development and that there are chances that it will connect with iOS devices as well in the near future, I don’t think so. As Samsung’s Vice President Pak in the Unpacked Event said:

“The company is focused on offering Samsung customers choice and convenience in the form of a new type of product.” When asked about the Galaxy ring’s compatibility with the iPhone, he added, “Where we are,” he said. “And then beyond? I think it’s TBD.” 

Emphasizing on the “Samsung customers” and the said statement, the Galaxy Ring is apparently exclusive to Galaxy phone owners only. However, Samsung has said it will soon make its Galaxy Ring compatible with other Androids. 

P.S.- Apple is also doing its rounds creating and designing a smart ring behind the closed curtains.

But the thing that has kept me wondering is that after the bold claim of Pak about Galaxy rings being of such high caliber that it will tempt the users to switch from iPhones to Androids, that too Samsung only. Will the users really switch from a well-established ecosystem to one that is just trying to fill in the shoes?

Is Samsung playing the bet or what? Well, that’s something we’ll have to wait to find out until Galaxy Ring’s launch.

Wrap Up

From a comparison perspective, Apple has a well-established ecosystem, and Samsung on the other hand, has some growing up to do. So, I don’t think that iPhone users will switch to Samsung for just a small ring, no matter how incredible it is, when they have other alternatives like Oura and Evie Rings in the market.

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