Oura Ring Vs Bellabeat – Which One Is Winning?

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Oura Ring Vs Bellabeat

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Smart wearables are competing head to head. Oura Ring vs Bellabeat – is the trending debate that we are looking forward to shed light on in this article. If you are also crumbling with the thought of which one is better, you must read this article thoroughly. 

Oura Ring is one of the smartest wearables that you can wear all day long without compromising your comfort or style. Similarly, Bellabeat is a rising smart wearable that anyone can wear 24 hours without compromising comfortability. But, if you dig deeper into Oura Ring vs Bellabeat, you will be amazed to find the hidden features of these two smart gadgets. 

If we consider Oura Ring vs Bellabeat, both are smart wearables that comes with loads of health and fitness activities. However, the key difference between Oura Ring and Bellabeat is that Oura Ring is a smart ring, whereas Bellabeat is a smart band

If you are in a dilemma to choose between these two awesome smart wearables, this article is meant for you. Let’s go through the article and explore Oura Ring vs Bellabeat in detail. 

Oura Ring Vs Bellabeat: Which Is Better?

Both Oura Ring and Bellabeat are widely adored for data accuracy and stylish appearance that can add a signature element to your look. However, these two smart wearables differ from each other in many ways. Let’s explore the differences and similarities below: 

Oura Ring Vs Bellabeat: Features

When it comes to the features, whether it is Oura Ring or Bellabeat, both smart wearables are dedicated to tracking the health and mental wellness of the users. When we started comparing features offered by Oura Ring and Bellabeat, we were amazed to find the similarities!

For instance, the Bellabeat smart band comes with amazing features like Activity Tracking, Automatic Sleep Detection, Ovulation Calculator, Stress Prediction, Meditation, Wireless Sync, and Smart Alarm. You can find all these features in the Oura Ring too!

However, unlike the Oura Ring, the Bellabeat smart band comes with a replaceable battery and does not require any charging. So, if you want to skip the hecticness of charging your smart wearable, Bellabeat is ideal for you. 

Both of these smart gadgets are water resistant and thus can be worn while taking a bath or swimming! 

Oura Ring Vs Bellabeat: Cost 

When it comes to the price tag, the Oura Ring vs Bellabeat fight goes pretty intense. This is because the Oura Ring will cost you between $300 to $500 [depending on the model], whereas the Bellabeat will cost you $249. Both are high-end smart fitness trackers. Hence, you have to pick your budget wisely.  

Oura Ring Vs Bellabeat: Comfortability

As it simply goes, Oura Ring is a smart ring, and Bellabeat is a smart band. Now, it is easier to wear a smart ring all day without any hesitation. However, not all people feel comfortable wearing a wrist band all day long. 

Moreover, the Oura Ring is designed for unisex, which means anyone can wear an Oura Ring with any outfit. However, Bellabeat is designed especially for women and is not recommended for men. 

Oura Ring Vs Bellabeat: Battery

The average battery life of Bellabeat is 14 days, and you cannot recharge the battery. Bellabeat comes with a replaceable battery, so you have to change the battery each time it is drained. 

On the other hand, the Oura Ring comes with a rechargeable battery. The average battery life of the Oura Ring is 7 days

Oura Ring Vs Bellabeat: Customer Satisfaction

We explored popular social media platforms and tried to figure out customer satisfaction. Again, whether it is Oura Ring or Bellabeat, we found that people are going crazy over both of these wearables. However, as the iconic status differs – Bellabeat is especially popular among women for its stylish look. On the other hand, most athletes and celebrities today prefer the Oura Ring over any wristband. 

Oura Ring Vs Bellabeat: Comparison Table

SpecificationsOura RingBellabeat Leaf
Wearable TypeRingWrist Band
Heart Rate MonitorYesYes
Sleep Insights TrackerYesYes
Battery Life7 Days [rechargable]14 days [replaceable]
A table of comparison between Oura Ring and Bellabeat


Now that we have made it to the conclusion section, you must be amazed to explore the Oura Ring and Bellabeat smart wearables. Although there are many dissimilarities between these two smart wearables, both are dedicated to health and fitness tracking. More importantly, data tracked by Oura Ring and Bellabeat are both accurate and clinically acceptable! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is Better Than Oura?

There are many smart rings available in the market. However, if your focus is to monitor health and fitness activity, then Oura is the best choice. If you are focusing on activity only, you can choose other smart rings like Whoop 4.0. 

Q2. Does Bellabeat Track Heart Rate?

Yes, Bellabeat measures heart rate, respiratory rate, and cardiac coherence.

Q3. Which Activity Tracker Is The Most Accurate?

It is difficult to claim which activity tracker is the most accurate. However, based on the users’ review, we can recommend that Oura’s activity reading is accurate and accepted clinically by the doctors. 

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