How To Get Oura Lifetime Membership?

How To Get Oura Lifetime Membership? Answered!!!

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If you are a new parent of Oura Ring or thinking about investing in the Oura Ring, do not forget to get Oura Lifetime Membership. You can surely use the Oura Ring without any prime membership, however, what is the point of using a smart ring if you cannot get the best out of it? 

Yes, the goal is to use the Oura Ring to track almost all of your activity and health parameters. If you do not have Oura Lifetime Membership, you will never access most of the important or health-beneficial features. Why deprive yourself when you can get Oura Lifetime Membership for just a few bucks?

People who had Oura Ring Gen 2 had a chance to get Oura Lifetime Membership, as they were given an opportunity to upgrade to Gen 3. When Oura Gen 3 was introduced, Gen 2 users received an email from Oura to choose to upgrade to Gen 3, which comes with the opportunity to avail of the Oura Lifetime membership. 

Unfortunately, now you cannot get Oura Lifetime Membership. For now, you have to spend $5.99 monthly without tax to enjoy the Oura membership. Let’s go through this article and pay attention to the details about Oura Membership schemes.  

Can You Buy An Oura Lifetime Membership?

No, you can no longer buy Oura Lifetime Membership. There is currently no option available to purchase a Lifetime Membership or upgrade to the Lifetime Membership.  

However, Oura monthly Membership is now available on Oura Gen 3 Rings only. 

Also, the price tag to get Oura Monthly Membership will vary depending on your region and tax. 

How Much Is Oura Lifetime Membership?

As we discussed above, the Oura Lifetime Membership is not available now. However, the Oura Monthly Membership is available and will cost you differently in different corners of the world. Here is a quick price list available on the Oura’s official site:

AUS$9.99 AUD including tax
EU5.99 € including tax
Canada$7.99 CAD excluding tax
Japan ¥999 including tax
UK£5.99 including tax
US$5.99 excluding tax
Rest of the world$6.99 USD including tax

How To Get Oura Lifetime Membership?

There are no options available currently to get the Oura Lifetime Membership. 

However, If the Oura manufacturer makes the Oura Lifetime Membership available again, you can access the Manage membership tab to manage or upgrade to Oura Lifetime membership. 

How To Get Oura Lifetime Membership For Free?

For now, there are no ways to get Oura Lifetime Membership for free. However, those who bought the Gen 3 Oura Ring recently received a free six-month membership.

Also, Gen 2 owners were given the opportunity for a certain time to upgrade to the Gen 3 Oura model and receive Lifetime Oura Membership as a promotional deal. 

Looking to buy a lifetime membership?
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Now that you know, you cannot get Oura Lifetime Membership, do not demean yourself. You can still avail of the monthly membership and enjoy all the premium features by spending a minimum amount. You can also cancel Oura Membership if you want and use the limited version [which is okay but lacks important insights]. Share your thoughts! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Still Use My Oura Ring Without Membership?

Yes, you can use your Oura Ring without a membership. The insights will be limited, but if you do not want to spend money, you can give a try to the limited free version. 

Q2. How Much Is Oura Membership Per Month?

The Oura membership will cost you $5.99 excluding tax per month [US]. However, for most countries, it is $6.99 (USD) including tax per month. 

Q3. Does Oura Ever Go On Sale?

It is rare to have sales or offers on Oura Ring. However, if you keep your eyes glued on their social pages, you may catch some opportunities. 

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