How To Get Oura Lifetime Membership?

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on May 5, 2024
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How To Get Oura Lifetime Membership

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Out of all of Oura’s features and perks, there’s only one thing that has got massive criticism: its monthly membership. After the first month, I was quite skeptical about whether I should buy the membership or not. But it’s not really much of a choice since I was only getting Sleep, Readiness & Activity scores without a membership. 

I didn’t spend more than two hundred dollars for a ring just to see some basic scores. I need to know what’s happening in my body when I am awake, sleeping, or working out. So, getting Oura’s lifetime membership sounds practical for a user like me. 

Does Oura Have a Lifetime Membership?

At the time of writing this article, Oura doesn’t offer a lifetime membership at all. Previously they have offered lifetime membership twice at different times. I am sharing the details of those offers below-

Upgradation from Gen2 to Gen3

From Oct 2021 to Nov 2021, Oura rolled out a limited-time offer for its Gen2 users to upgrade to Gen3 with a free lifetime membership. Only the users who opted in for the offer will have access to lifetime membership as long as they keep the same account. 

Oura x Gucci Collaboration

Oura launched an Oura x Gucci collaboration ring for $950 with a free lifetime membership. After its launch in May 2022, Oura x Gucci ring was again restocked in Oct 2022 for a Limited Edition. The chances of it coming back in stock are pretty slim. So, consider both of these offers expired. 

I believe there is a good chance Oura will definitely offer its free lifetime membership in its future offers as everyone wants to have it. Paying $6 every month after paying for the ring is pretty extra. There’s even a petition on against it.  

Many people on Reddit sell their Gen2 rings along with the account connected to the lifetime membership. However, the transaction is not authorized by any authority. Oura also doesn’t suggest reselling. So, please beware of any scams before investing your money. 

Are There Any Exceptions To Get The Oura Lifetime Membership?

The only time Oura will give a free lifetime membership is when the ring has a “defect in material or workmanship.” Some people have even shared their personal experiences on X (previously Twitter), like Daniel Robert Strack. He got a lifetime membership for free, not to forget the upgraded Gen3 from his Gen2. 

Many other people have also had the same experience with their Gen2 rings. However, I haven’t seen or read about any experience of a Gen3 ring getting exchanged under warranty with a lifetime membership. 

So, there’s no guarantee whether Oura will do the same or not with current Gen3 users. Since my Oura is working perfectly, I definitely won’t be getting anything for free right now.

If Oura had provided a lifetime membership, it would have been super convenient for so many users, as one doesn’t have to pay a certain amount after regular periods. Since you can’t get a lifetime membership, I have explained alternative membership options as well. 

Oura’s Monthly & Annual Membership Details 

If you check, there are only two active plans currently available to get Oura’s subscription, and both of them are for Gen3 only. First is the Monthly plan, which is available to all members; second is the Annual plan, which will be available to all members of Oura very soon.  

After the first complimentary month of free membership, users have to pay the following charges for Monthly and Annual subscription plans-

Country Monthly plan pricing Annual plan pricing
Australia $9.99 AUD after tax $109.99 AUD after tax
European Union 5.99 € after tax 69.99 € after tax
Canada $7.99 CAD before tax $89.99 CAD before tax
Japan ¥999 after tax ¥10,999 after tax
United Kingdom £5.99 after tax £69.99 after tax
United States $5.99 before tax $69.99 before tax
Rest of the world $6.99 (USD) after tax $79.99 (USD) after tax

Note: When I bought my Oura ring, I found out that Oura’s membership along with some of the in-app features might not be available in countries where Oura doesn’t ships its products. 

Wrapping Up

Charging its users with more than $200 wasn’t enough for Oura; it had to get $6 extra out of them just to give access to the app’s basic functionality. Moreover, there are no offers for lifetime membership, for free or by buying, so there’s no way you can get free lifetime access to the app. 

Unless, your ring has some issues covered under warranty. Only then you can get either a refund or a replacement along with a free lifetime subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Still Use My Oura Ring Without a Membership?

Yes, you can use your Oura Ring without a membership. But you will only be able to see the Sleep, Readiness, and Activity scores. Along with them, you will see the ring’s battery, your profile info, the app’s settings, and the Explore section’s content. 

How Much Is Oura Membership Per Month?

The Oura membership will cost you $5.99, excluding tax per month [US]. However, for most countries, it is $6.99 (USD), including tax per month. 

Does Oura Ever Go On Sale?

It is rare to have sales or offers on Oura Ring. However, if you keep your eyes glued on their social pages, you may catch some opportunities. 

Will I get one more free month of membership if I buy another Oura ring?

No, even if you buy another ring and add it to your existing Oura account, you do not get an additional month of free membership. That’s because Oura’s membership is linked to your Oura account and an account can only once avail free membership. You can link your new Oura ring to a new Oura account to get the one-month free membership. 

Can I Get Oura’s Lifetime Membership for free?

No, Lifetime membership isn’t offered by Oura right now, so you can’t get it even by paying. 

How do I cancel Oura’s Lifetime Membership?To cancel your membership from the Oura app, go to Settings>Account> Manage Membership. Input your credentials, select “View Membership Plan,” and click “Cancel Membership.” Or you can visit Membership Hub, and follow the same steps to cancel your membership. 

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