How To Order Evie Smart Ring Sizing Kit?

By Smriti Razdan | Updated on May 27, 2024
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Evie Ring Sizing Kit

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While ordering my Evie Ring, I was pretty confused about what size would fit me the best. I could get a ring in the same size as my Oura, but different rings have different sizing. So, Oura’s sizing wouldn’t have worked here. 

It took me a while to understand how to get the ring size right. The key to doing so is ordering a sizing kit while placing an order for the ring. However, ordering a sizer can be tricky business.  

But, given that I have been through the process already, I can help you get your Evie Ring sizing kit in a few simple steps. And since the steps are mentioned in this article, keep scrolling! 

Note: Evie Rings are temporarily out of stock. So, you won’t be able to follow the below-mentioned steps to order them now. However, once the ring is available again, this article will be updated accordingly. Additionally, you can also sign up for Evie’s newsletter from their official website to be notified when the rings are available again.

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Order The Evie Smart Ring Sizing Kit From The Official Website 

The steps to getting an Evie Smart Ring sizer are relatively simple. However, please know that you can only order the Evie Ring within the US right now and not anywhere outside of it. 

A detailed explanation of the steps to do so is as follows:

  1. Go to the official website of the Evie Ring. 
  2. Click on the “Shop now” button in purple located at the top right corner of the screen. 
Evie Ring Shop
  1. Below the color options, you will have a “Free Sizing Kit” option in purple. Select it. 
  2. Enter your payment option and complete your Evie Ring purchase. 

How Long Does it Take for Evie Ring Sizer to Deliver?

For me, it took up to 7 business days for the Evie Smart Ring sizing kit to arrive. The kit consisted of a plastic tag that I had to wear around my finger to see what size fit me the best. 

When I understood my size, I went back to the confirmation email that I had received while placing an order for the ring. In the email, there was a link that I clicked on to update the sizing information for my ring. 

However, this was not the case for many other people I know. Some of them had to wait for literal ages. For example, a friend of mine who pre-ordered the ring in December waited for their sizing kit to arrive till April. Not gonna lie; anyone would lose enthusiasm for the ring at that time. 

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Wrapping Up

Yes, it was some work for me to get my Evie Ring sizer, but with the above-mentioned steps, I am sure you will be able to get yours. With the kit in hand, it becomes surprisingly easy to get the right ring size. 

Even though you may face some delivery delays, I suggest that you still get a sizer! If you have any other questions to ask about the Evie Ring, please drop them down below and I will be glad to answer them for you! 

Smriti is a true tech aficionado and WearableXP’s resident review specialist. Her approach to technology is anything but ordinary. After years of research and expertise in cutting-edge consumer technology, she is now exploring the world of smart wearables only to evaluate and bring her unique insights.

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