Oura Ring Vs Motiv Ring – The Ruling Ring!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Oura Ring Vs Motiv Ring

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Choosing the best fitness tracker that suits your lifestyle plays a key role in attaining your fitness goals. Thousands of fitness enthusiasts are on a quest to find Oura Ring vs Motiv Ring, the better smart ring for health and wellness monitoring. Fret not and follow our lead to determine the best wearable tech for you.

The popularity of fitness trackers is skyrocketing, and new gadgets with unique features are launched on a regular basis. This has left fitness enthusiasts worldwide in a dilemma of finding the best gadget at affordable prices. Oura Ring and Motiv Ring are especially designed to track various aspects of the user’s health and fitness with high accuracy. 

Analyzing the distinct features between the Oura Ring vs Motiv Ring shows us that fitness and activity tracking is the main functionality to provide a 360° view of the health and wellness of the users. However, the current lack of availability of the Motive Ring is a major concern.

The battle for the better smart ring – Oura Ring vs Motive Ring is currently a heated discussion among fitness forums. Stay with us for an overall Oura Ring and Motiv Ring review to make an informed decision on the better smart ring.

Oura Ring Vs Motiv Ring

Stylish design, comfortable fit, discreet with 24/7 overall monitoring of the user’s vitals. Most fitness gadgets and smart rings have common basic features, making it difficult for users to choose between the Oura Ring or Motiv Ring, the better smart ring to achieve fitness goals.

Both the Oura Ring and Motiv Ring wearable tech are designed to track multiple aspects of the wearer’s health and help them optimize their overall health and sleeping patterns. 

These smart rings make use of advanced sensors to track a wide range of metrics, including heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen, and sleep metrics, making it mandatory to explore the key distinctions before making the decision to buy either Oura Ring or Motiv Ring.

We shall now explore the similarities and differences to help understand Oura Ring vs Motive Ring a lot better.

Oura Ring Vs Motiv Ring – Sizing Kit

Oura Ring Vs Motiv Ring - Sizing Kit

The accuracy of the vitals generated by smart rings depends on the placement of the ring and its perfect fit. Using a smart ring that is either too loose or very tight will result in inaccuracies and discrepancies in the metrics generated. 

Oura understands the significance of the size and offers a free Oura Ring sizing kit with every Oura Ring purchase. Users can try out the 8 demo plastic rings consisting of sizes 6 to 13, to choose the size of the Oura Ring that best fits them. 

Motiv Ring Sizing Set comes in 7 custom ring sizes, from sizes 6 to 12, for the users to choose from. The sizing kit will be sent out with free priority shipping and will be delivered in 2 days, depending on the location of the user.

Oura Ring Vs Motiv Ring – Design

Oura Ring Vs Motiv Ring - Design

The creators of the Oura Ring have taken a minimalistic approach and have created one of the most comfortable yet sturdy smart rings, made out of ultra-lightweight Titanium and weighs only 4 to 6 grams, depending on the size of the ring. It is currently available in Heritage and Horizon designs and is available in Black, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Stealth, and Brushed Titanium finish.

The Motiv Ring has been designed for every moment and has a surprisingly slim and ultra-light design. Its ultra-light Titanium shell is both comfortable and durable, which makes the ring lighter than a Penny, weighing 2.5 grams, and thinner than two nickels. The Motiv Ring is available in Silver, Rose Gold, and Stealth Black finish.

Oura Ring Vs Motiv Ring – Hardware

Before you analyze the Oura Ring vs Motiv Ring price, it is of utmost importance that you first study in detail the hardware components of both Oura Ring and Motiv Ring, to understand its features and specs. Although they have both been developed for monitoring the wearer’s health and wellness, they are made out of different components as illustrated below:

Hardware Oura Ring Gen 3Motiv Ring
Material Lightweight TitaniumTitanium shell
Weight 4 to 6 grams2.5 grams
Width7.9 mm8 mm
Thickness2.55 mm2.5 mm
Sizes6 to 136 to 12
Ring BatteryLiPo batteryLithium ion battery
Battery life4 to 7 days3 days
Charging time20 to 80 minutesWithin 90 minutes
ChargerUSB-C Charging dock USB Magnetic charging dock
SensorsInfra-red, Red, and Green3-axis accelerometer Optical Heart Rate sensor
Temperature sensors7 sensorsNA
Water-resistantUp to 100 mUp to 50 m
Compatibility Android and iOS devicesAndroid and iOS devices
A table of comparison between Oura Ring vs Motiv Ring hardware specifications

Oura Ring Vs Motiv Ring – Software

All users can access their personalized health vitals and view the progress of their fitness goals with the help of the Oura App. They will be able to receive timely notifications and access personalized metrics on their Activity, Readiness, and Sleep Scores for an Oura membership of $5.99 per month

Motiv Ring users can monitor their live vitals via the Motiv Ring app. The official Motiv 24/7 Smart Ring app is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store for free installation. This Motiv Ring app works only with the Motiv Ring and offers exclusive insights into their health for free.

Oura Ring Vs Motiv Ring – Fitness Tracking

Fitness tracking is one of the primary functions of all fitness trackers like the Oura Ring and Motiv Ring. They are designed to constantly monitor the wearer’s vitals continuously to generate accurate health metrics that are based on multiple parameters. Let us see an overall comparison of the key features of the smart rings, based on their fitness tracking abilities.

Fitness TrackingOura RingMotiv Ring
Active MinutesYesYes
Activity TypesYesYes
Activity IntensityYesYes
Breathing Rate YesNo
Calories BurnedYesYes
Heart RateYesYes
Heart Rate VariabilityYesYes
Resting Heart RateYesYes
Respiration RateYesNo
Skin TemperatureYesNo
Sleep DurationYesYes
Overnight VitalsYesYes
EfficiencyYes in %No
A table of comparison between Oura Ring vs Motiv Ring fitness tracking

Oura Ring Vs Motiv Ring – Compatibility

Before you get excited to compare Oura Ring vs Motiv Ring price, it is highly recommended that you check if the smart ring is compatible with your device. Ensure that you check the compatibility of devices so that you can seamlessly sync the smart ring to the app installed on your device.

Oura RingMotiv Ring
Apple iOS or higherApple iOS 9.0 or higher
Android 8.0 or higher Bluetooth 4.0Android 6.0 Marshmellow or higher
iPhone 5s or later
Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL
Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, Note 5 and Note 8
A table of comparison between Oura Ring vs Motiv Ring compatibility

Oura Ring Vs Motiv Ring – Cost

Now, let us explore the most detrimental factor that helps users make the final decision of purchasing either Oura Ring or Motiv Ring. It is time for us to discuss numbers including the cost price of the ring, sizing kit price, subscription fee, and all other added costs.

FeaturesOura RingMotiv Ring
Price$299 USD+$199 USD
Sizing KitFreeFree
Subscription fee$5.99 per monthNo
Charger Replacement$59 USDNA
A table of comparison between Oura Ring vs Motiv Ring cost

Oura Ring Vs Motiv Ring – Availability

The Oura Ring is currently available and can be purchased directly from the official Oura website or from any of the popular e-commerce platforms. Head over to any of the official channels like Best Buy, Target, eBay, or Amazon to get the smart ring. Oura currently offers an exclusive Oura Ring Black Friday sale that is available until 27th November 2023. You can make use of it to gain limited-time offers and discounts for up to $100 USD.

Motiv Ring, on the other hand, is currently unavailable and displays “Sold out” on the official MyMotive website. The Motiv Ring is currently out of stock as the creators have halted sales of the smart ring, as it has been acquired by Proxy, a digital identity security company. However, you can try to grab the smart ring from any of their official online stores including:

  • Amazon
  • Noon
  • Eithad Guest
  • Sharaf DG
  • Mumzworld
  • Samma3a

Hurry on if you are impressed with the Motiv Ring review and wish to order the smart ring for yourself. Worry not; you will be able to view your personalized metrics via the Motiv Ring app, as it is available for all the existing users.

Warp Up

Health and fitness tracking are the common traits between Oura Ring and Motiv Ring. Although they seem to have multiple similarities, we can see that they are both unique in their own different ways. We hope that you are no longer debating over Oura Ring vs Motiv Ring when trying to find the better smart ring. Just make use of the information given in this article to choose a smart ring that meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  What Happened To Motiv Ring?

Developers of the Motiv Ring have currently halted sales as it has been acquired by Proxy, a digital identity and security specialist company.

Q2. Is Motiv Ring Still In Business?

Sales of Motiv Ring have currently been stopped as the company has been taken over by Proxy. However, the Motiv Ring app is still operating and is available to all the current customers.

Q3. Which Is Better Motiv Vs Oura?

The Oura Ring is relatively better in comparison to the Motiv Ring in terms of its features, accuracy, and availability.

Q4. What Is Better Than Oura?

The Apple Watch, Whoop 4.0, and Fitbit fitness trackers are better than the Oura Ring.

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