What Is The Ultrahuman Ring Used For? Truth Revealed!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
What Is The Ultrahuman Ring Used For?

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The Ultrahuman Ring is popular for its advanced health-tracking features. Although the popularity of the Ultrahuman Ring is growing globally, a group of people are still exploring this cutting-edge technology and often questioning what is the Ultrahuman Ring used for. 

If you are among those who still wondering what is the Ultrahuman Ring used for, it’s time that you should know that the Ultrahuman Ring is not just any smart ring but is also known as ‘the Oura Ring Killer’.

Ultrahuman Ring is used for measuring HR, HRV, sleep stages, movement tracking, circadian rhythm, sunlight exposure, SpO2 level, and blood glucose level [in combination with Ultrahuman M1 patch]. 

Those who are exploring the Ultrahuman Ring for the first time will find that the Ultrahuman smart ring surely emulates features like the Oura Ring, but there is more to it. So, if the thought of what is the Ultrahuman Ring used for is troubling you, you must try finding out more about what are the Ultrahuman Ring uses and how it can help us to stay fit and healthy. 

What Is The Ultrahuman Ring Used For?

The Ultrahuman Ring is a Titanium forged, lightweight smart ring that users can wear comfortably throughout the day. If you are wondering about the Ultrahuman Ring uses, the fact is, that this smart ring is creating a new benchmark with every update. The Ultrahuman Ring measures the body signals with accuracy, but to make the most of it, the user must know how to use the globally praised Ultrahuman Ring. So, let’s have a look at the parameters tracked by the Ultrahuman Ring and know the way we can use the insights in our lives. 

1. Sleep Monitoring

What Is The Ultrahuman Ring Used For?_Sleep Monitoring

Like any trending smart ring, the Ultrahuman Ring is also focused on the mental well-being and body recovery of the users. The Ultrahuman Ring relies on HR, HRV, movement tracking, and body temperature tracking in order to determine all four sleeping stages: awake, REM, light, and deep. 

As claimed by Ultrahuman, this smart ring is designed to be your ‘sole metric for sleep health’. Open the sleep insights in the Ultrahuman app, and you can find your overall sleep score, total sleep duration, resting heart rate, and restfulness. With the Ultrahuman Ring, you can enjoy a comprehensive picture of your sleep quality. 

Whether it is sleep monitoring to tracking physiological conditions, the Ultrahuman tracks skin temperature accurately with its advanced temperature sensor.

2. Skin Temperature Tracking

What Is The Ultrahuman Ring Used For?_Skin Temperature Tracking

The Ultrahuman Ring comes with a non-contact temperature sensor that tracks the skin temperature differences effortlessly. Tracking the body temperature differences is essential to learn your body’s physiological states and how your body is responding to various factors, including exercise, stress, and illness. 

Using this skin temperature and other health vitals like HR, HRV, and SpO2 level, the Ultrahuman Ring surprises the users with a significant Phase Response Curve (PRC). But, what is this?

3. Learn Your Body Clock

When people ask what is the Ultrahuman Ring used for, the Ultrahuman fans answer with ‘Phase Response Curve (PRC)’. This may surprise you, but the Ultrahuman Ring comes with the most innovative Phase Response Curve (PRC) insights, where you can detect the impact of a stimulus, such as light exposure, food, alcohol, or exercise, on a change in your body’s circadian rhythm. 

In simple words, every activity has an impact on your body, and the Ultrahuman Ring’s algorithm studies the impact of these stimuli on your body. 

4. Track Movement Index

What Is The Ultrahuman Ring Used For?_Track Movement Index

When it comes to fitness tracking, it is good to know that the Ultrahuman Ring tracks the Movement Index. The Movement Index window of the Ultrahuman Ring indicates your step count, calories burnt and a graph. If your movement index is not showing promising results, the Ultrahuman Ring will send you nudges to walk around or do relevant exercises.  

Now that your body is going through multiple workouts, the Ultrahuman tracks how your body is burning calories and if you are overburning yourself. If you are feeling exhausted, you can check your recovery, as the Ultrahuman Ring also records the recovery time. 

5. Track Body Recovery

What Is The Ultrahuman Ring Used For?_Track Body Recovery

Your body is going through daily chores and being exhausted at the end of the day. Another reason why the Ultrahuman Ring used for is to track the body’s recovery. The correlation between HRV and your body’s recovery is important. The Ultrahuman Ring tracks HRV and sleep stages to reflect how the user’s body is dealing with the physical stresses. 

Check the Ultrahuman Ring’s body recovery insights, and you will understand how your body is recovering while you are completely resting or sleeping. Tracking the body’s recovery and readiness is important to understand how you will start your next day. 

Not to mention that if your body is not fully recovered to take on another day, then personalized nudges will help you and motivate you to meet your health and fitness goals.

6. Personalized Nudges

The most unique thing about the Ultrahuman Ring is receiving the Personalized Nudges. The Ultrahuman Ring not only tracks multiple health data and bluntly presents it to the users but also shares personalized nudges or notifications that help users understand what measurements should be taken based on the captured data. 

For instance, if you are being lazy and have not completed your workout, the Ultrahuman Ring will gently remind you that you are falling behind in reaching your fitness goal! 

So, if people are concerned about what is the Ultrahuman Ring used for, as you can see there are many health goals that can be achieved using this smart ring. Moreover, if you can combine the Ultrahuman Ring data with the Ultrahuman M1 patch, you can get even more exciting health insights like real-time blood glucose level and metabolic rate. 

7. Blood Glucose Tracking

Unlike many trending smart rings, the Ultrahuman app can track the blood glucose level. However, you cannot get the blood glucose insights using the Ultrahuman Ring. You have to try the Ultrahuman M1 patch and sync the Ultrahuman M1 patch data with the Ultrahuman Ring data using the Ultrahuman app to get accurate blood glucose tracking 24/7, along with personalized diet and exercise suggestions. 


The Ultrahuman Ring is capable of tracking sleep insights, movements, skin temperature, and body recovery accurately. However, the Ultrahuman Ring did not stop there and added more advanced technologies like blood glucose monitoring and tracking metabolic rate. Simply, the Ultrahuman Ring motivates users to reach their health and fitness goals effortlessly. Now you know what is the Ultrahuman Ring used for. So, use the ring smartly and stay fit! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does Ultrahuman Ring Do?

The Ultrahuman Ring comes with heart rate monitors, temperature, and motion sensors and helps users to improve their metabolic health, along with monitoring sleep stages, stress levels, HR, HRV, and body temperature. 

Q2. Does Ultrahuman Ring Track Stress?

The Ultrahuman Ring tracks HRV to monitor mental health factors such as stress levels and anxiety. 

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