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Evie Smart Ring Shipping | All You Need To Know!

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Have you ordered your Evie Ring? If you are still in a dilemma and wonder how to order an Evie smart ring, let us share all the information you need to know related to Evie smart ring shipping. 

Evie Ring has launched on Nov 20, 2023, and is now open for ordering. If you place your order for the Evie smart ring now, the product will be shipped soon. Adding the ring to the cart and delaying in placing an order will delay the Evie smart ring shipping process too. 

The Evie smart ring shipping process has begun from January 2024, as promised by Movano Health in PR. It takes only a week to ship orders for Evie Ring. 

If you are expecting to receive an Evie Ring within five business days of placing an order, then you have to place the order now. From January, the Evie smart ring shipping process is smooth and you do not need to wait more than a week to receive the product in hand. 

How Long Does Evie Smart Ring Shipping Take?

As claimed by Movano Health in their shipping guideline, the Evie smart ring shipping process takes an average of 5 to 7 days. If you are requesting a sizing kit now, you can get delivery within a week. 

Does Evie Offer Expedited Shipping?

No, currently, the Evie Ring is not offering expedited shipping. You may expect the same in the near future. 

Does Evie Smart Ring Charge Extra For Shipping?

No, the Evie smart ring does not charge extra for shipping the product. All you need to pay is the product price without any additional charges for subscription or shipping. 

Do Evie Ring Charge For Shipping The Evie Ring Size Kit? 

No, there are no extra charges for shipping the Evie Ring-size kit

What Sales Tax Will Be Added To Evie Ring Order?

Yes, sales tax will be added to the Evie Ring order. However, the amount of the sales tax will vary depending on which state you are from. Currently, some states are not collecting sales taxes, such as – Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. 

How To Avoid Sales Tax In Shipping Evie Ring? 

You cannot avoid sales tax when ordering an Evie Ring. However, if you are from the states where sales taxes are exempted, you don’t have to pay! 

What Countries Does Evie Ship To?

Currently, the Evie Ring is shipped in the United States only. However, the Evie Ring will be launched globally soon. Have patience! 

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The Evie smart ring shipping process is easier than you can imagine. However, you have to make sure that you are placing the order correctly with all the required information or there will be an issue with shipping. If you have done a good job in placing an order request, then you can expect to receive the product in your hand on time, without any delay. If you are willing to change the shipping address make sure you have contacted the support team before they have shipped the produce. Once the product is shipped, there will be no room for changing the address. 

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