Ring One Vs Oura Ring – Empower Your Health!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Ring One Vs Oura Ring

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The wait is finally over! The Ring One smart ring is now available for shipping since January, and it has proven to be a worthy competitor to the Oura Ring. This has set the whole internet ablaze, and discussions about the Ring One vs Oura Ring on Reddit forum are trending worldwide.

The popularity of smart rings for health tracking has gained immense popularity in recent years and has helped thousands of fitness enthusiasts reach their fitness goals. The Oura Ring tracks the wearer’s activities, health, sleep, etc., and offers detailed insights into their fitness and health. However, the new Ring One smart ring is loaded with unique features and innovative technology that seems to surpass even the Oura Ring.

Detailed analysis of the Ring One vs Oura Ring shows that although both the smart rings have similar health and fitness tracking features, the Ring One is capable of making contactless payments, which is not possible with the Oura Ring. Moreover, it is available in multiple designs and is a lot more cost-effective when compared to the Oura Ring Gen3.

Maximize your fitness with the best wearable techs. Ring One and Oura Ring are both health monitoring smart rings that nudge you to keep an eye out for overall wellness. But which is the better fitness tracker? Let us compare Ring One vs Oura Ring and check out their features, functionality, and specifications to help you find the perfect wearable tech that suits you.

Ring One Vs Oura Ring

Developers of smart rings are working hard on building the most comfortable and stylish fitness trackers that offer state-of-the-art features to help the wearer gain a holistic view of their health and wellness. With hundreds of fitness trackers at their disposal, fitness enthusiasts across the globe are left flabbergasted, looking for the best wearable tech that can accompany them 24/7, throughout their fitness journey. 

The Oura Ring Gen3 is one of the leading smart rings for fitness tracking that has been popular since its launch in November 2021. The Ring One, on the other hand, is a relatively new smart ring, that is available for sale from January 2024. It has been designed to monitor the wearer’s sleep, recovery, and exercise and helps to find the perfect balance all day long. Let us see in detail the unique features of both wearable tech to see if the Ring One or Oura Ring is the better fitness tracker for you. 

Ring One Vs Oura Ring – Design

Ring One is one of the most stylish smart rings that is available in multiple designs. It has double protection with silicon and is ten times lighter than an average smartwatch. It is made of non-allergenic medical grade materials and is completely Nickel free to ensure complete comfort to the wearer. It is also stylish and discreet and blends seamlessly into the wearer’s lifestyle. It is available in 10 different sizes (6 to 15) made of the following materials:

  • All Titanium – Silver, Black, Rose Gold, Gold
  • Titanium Ceramic – Silver, Black, Rose Gold, Gold with Black / White Ceramic
  • 18 Karat Solid Gold

The 18K Gold Edition is made of 6 to 7 grams of gold and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Ring One includes a sizing kit with every purchase and allows users to choose the ring size using the Muse app after determining their size with the sizing kit.

Oura Ring takes a minimalist approach and offers a comfortable yet sturdy smart ring for a holistic fitness experience. It is made of ultra-lightweight Titanium that weighs 4 to 6 grams, making it one of the most lightweight smart rings that are available. Oura Ring is currently available in Horizon and Heritage designs: 

  • Heritage –  Silver, Black, Gold, Stealth
  • Horizon – Silver, Black, Gold, Stealth, Rose Gold and Brushed Titanium.

All Oura users can order an Oura sizing kit that contains demo plastic rings of sizes 6 to 13. This helps the wearers to find the smart ring that perfectly fits their finger, to ensure the utmost accuracy of the metrics generated. 

Which is the better smart ring?

Comparing Ring One vs Oura Ring shows that, although the Oura Ring is available in many designs, the Ring One offers even more designs in multiple finishes/materials depending on the wearer’s preference. It also offers an 18K gold finish, which is unique for a smart ring.

Ring One Vs Oura Ring – Features

Although both Ring One and Oura Ring are made of iconic designs, it is mandatory to check the features and functionality of the gadgets to choose the one that meets your requirements. Let us now compare the features found in the two smart rings.

FeaturesRing OneOura Ring
Sleep InsightsYes Yes 
Exercise Yes Yes 
Recovery Yes Yes 
Activity ScoreNoYes 
Sleep ScoreYes Yes 
Readiness ScoreYes Yes 
Advanced Exercise metricsYes Yes 
ECG trackingYes No 
Blood PressureYes No 
Meditation & Relaxation sessionsYes Yes 
Menstrual Cycle trackingYes Yes 
Personalised CoachingYes Yes 
Make PaymentsYes No
Turn Wheel InterfaceYes No
Scratch ResistantYes No
Water ResistantYes Yes 

The Ring One comes with a first-of-the-kind Turn Wheel interface that can switch to the payment mode or the workout mode with ease. It also has an NFC antenna for making contactless payments and also enables wireless charging, making it one of the most advanced smart rings of today.

Which is the better smart ring?

The Ring One is undeniably better than the Oura Ring for its unique Turn wheel interface and NFC contactless payment options that are not found in most of the other smart rings for health tracking.

Ring One Vs Oura Ring – Specifications

The long-term functionality of any gadget is determined by its hardware components. So, it is highly recommended that all users check out the product specifications of the gadget before making the decision to purchase any product. Before you choose Ring One or Oura Ring for health tracking, ensure that you compare its specifications using the information given below:

Specification Ring OneOura Ring
Material Titanium Grade 2 and Ceramic Zirconia with PVD coating + ePVDDurable Titanium with PVD coating
Size 6 to 156 to 13 
Weight 6 to 7 grams4 to 6 grams
Battery NA Rechargeable 15mAh (US6) – 22mAh (US13) Lipo battery
Battery life7 daysUp to 7 days
Charge time2 hours20 to 80 minutes
ChargerCharging caseCharging dock
Water resistanceUp to 100mUp to 100m
ConnectivityBluetooth Bluetooth Smart
Compatibility Android and iOS devicesAndroid and iOS devices

We can see that both the smart rings have similar product specifications with slight variations in the weight of the gadgets, charging time, and charger. While the Oura Ring uses a size-specific USB-C cable charger, the Ring One uses an iconic charging case that can extend the ring’s battery life up to a month and also helps to easily check the charging levels.

Which is the better smart ring?

Comparing Ring One vs Oura Ring shows that, as both Ring One and Oura Ring are made of cutting-edge technology and have similar product specifications, it is up to you to choose the best smart ring.

Ring One Vs Oura Ring – Fitness Tracking

Fitness trackers are built to maximize the wearer’s physical fitness and monitor all their activities. Most wearable techs are designed with comfort and care to be sturdy and durable to withstand even the most extreme heavy workout. They also monitor various health metrics and notice how they fluctuate during workout sessions to predict the strain and stress of the wearer. Let us check out the fitness tracking features in the two wearable techs:

Fitness Tracking FeaturesRing OneOura Ring
Steps Yes Yes 
DistanceYes Yes 
Calories Yes Yes
Vo2 MaxYes Yes 
Strain IndexYes No 
Automatic Activity DetectionNoYes 
Breathing RateYes Yes 
SpO2Yes Yes 
Heart rateYes Yes 
Heart rate variabilityYes Yes 
Built-in GPS Yes Yes 
Tailored InsightsYes Yes 
Personal CoachingYes No 

We can clearly see that both fitness trackers are loaded with many fitness tracking features that are capable of accurately monitoring the wearer’s workouts and activities.

Which is the better smart ring?

The fitness tracking features of Ring One and Oura Ring are tied. It is entirely up to you to compare Ring One vs Oura Ring for fitness features and choose the best gadget for you.

Ring One Vs Oura Ring – Health Monitoring

Smart rings allow the wearer to view insights into their health and nudge them to take preventive action if their vitals are fluctuating from the baseline. Understanding the significance of health monitoring will help to empower users and enable them to stay ahead and safeguard their health. Both Ring One and Oura Ring offer various health monitoring features as listed below:

Health Monitoring Features Ring OneOura Ring
Heart rateYes Yes 
SpO2Yes Yes 
Heart Rate VariabilityYes Yes 
Blood PressureYes No 
Skin TemperatureYes Yes 
Heart Rate ZonesYes Yes 
Resting Heart RateYes Yes 
Breathing RateYes Yes 
Stress ResilienceNoYes 
Fertility TrackingYes No 
Menstrual Cycle trackingYes No 

We can see that both the smart rings offer multiple health monitoring features. The main difference is the women’s health monitoring features. Ring One has temperature sensors that track the wearer’s menstrual cycle and fertility by detecting even the most minute change in their basal body temperature. Oura, on the other hand, does not directly measure the wearer’s cycle. They can either check the temperature on Oura Ring and check the temperature fluctuation over time to monitor their cycle or use Natural Cycles with Oura Ring as an app integration to keep track of their cycle.

Which is the better smart ring?

Ring One is better in terms of health monitoring as it offers various health insights directly without having to rely on third-party app integrations.

Ring One Vs Oura Ring – Sleep Monitoring

Good health and fitness metrics are directly related to the sleeping habits of the wearer. All fitness trackers understand the significance of good sleep and offer various sleep monitoring features. Both the Ring One and Oura Ring tracks sleep of the wearer, present detailed insights into their sleep, and help find how it has a direct effect on the readiness, recovery, and activities of the wearer.

Ring One offers detailed sleep insights and allows users to see how prepared they are for the day. It also offers a personalized Sleep Score that will be displayed every morning to the user. Moreover, it will also display the Readiness Score which is based on the sleep metrics, that shows how prepared the wearer is to tackle the challenges for the day ahead. Furthermore, users will also be able to understand their sleeping patterns depending on their sleep stages which shows their awake, light sleep, deep sleep, and REM.

Oura Ring is one of the most sought after smart rings for sleep monitoring. It makes use of multiple biosignals to monitor the movement of the wearer to detect sleep. It takes a holistic approach to sleep monitoring and also monitors the wearer’s skin temperature, respiratory rate, HRV, resting heart rate, etc. Furthermore, users can add a nap on Oura, which will directly contribute towards their overall Sleep Score

Which is the better smart ring?

Comparing Ring One vs Oura Ring on the basis of sleep tracking shows that the Oura Ring Gen3 takes a holistic approach towards sleep and can be considered the better smart ring for uninterrupted sleep tracking.

Ring One Vs Oura Ring – Make Payments

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology has played a key role in the rise and growth of smart rings since 2013. They are used to make contactless payments using the NFC chip or antenna in the smart ring. It is a simple alternative to using credit or debit cards and can be utilized at all compatible points of sale payment terminals.

Ring One enables users to make easy payments at just a wave of their palm across any POS terminal. The wearer will be able to make secure payments using the Ring One and no longer have to worry about carrying around a wallet. The smart ring has an NFC antenna that ensures the security of the payments, wireless charging, and also for finger detection sensors. It can also be used for unlocking Tesla and other cars with NFC-based Digital Key 2.0 specifications.

The Oura Ring, on the other hand, does not offer contactless payment options to its users. It is solely a health and wellness monitoring smart ring that takes a holistic approach to health monitoring. 

Which is the better smart ring?

Differentiating Ring One vs Oura Ring displays that the Ring One is the only smart ring that is equipped with NFC for making secure payments.

Ring One Vs Oura Ring – Accuracy

Accuracy is of utmost importance when it comes to health and wellness tracking. You must check the accuracy of the health metrics that are generated by the gadget before you select the best smart ring to accompany you through your fitness journey. Both Ring One and Oura Ring are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that ensures the accuracy of the user’s vitals. Let us now see the different technologies used in both the smart rings:

Ring OneOura Ring
Optical PPG sensors
Green, Red, and IR LEDs
Temperature sensor
6 axis Accelerometer
NFC antenna
Finger detection sensors
Infrared photoplethysmography sensors
Green, Red, and IR LEDs
Negative temperature coefficient
3D accelerometer
IR sensor

The Ring One is trained with 5 million data points and multiple sensors to provide unparalleled accuracy. It also comes with a Turn Wheel interface that allows users to switch between the workout mode and payment mode with ease. 

The Oura Ring tracks the user’s daytime and nighttime biosignals using 15 advanced sensors, improved software features, and updated algorithms. Moreover, the accurate Oura Ring temperature data matches the near-perfect accuracy compared to research grade iButton at 92% and more than 99% at lab conditions. Furthermore, Oura’s validation study clearly shows that the HRV readings are 98.4% accurate when compared to a medical-grade electrocardiogram

Which is the better smart ring?

Comparing Ring One vs Oura Ring states that, although both the smart rings are equipped with multiple sensors, the Oura Ring is a lot more accurate with the live metrics generated, as proven by various research.

Ring One Vs Oura Ring – Price And Availability

Now that we have explored all the features and functionalities of the gadgets, let us now check the price and availability to see if the Ring One or Ouar Ring is currently available.

Oura Ring Gen3Heritage – Silver$299
Heritage – Black$299
Heritage – Stealth$399
Heritage – Gold$449
Horizon – Silver$349
Horizon – Black$349
Horizon – Stealth$449
Horizon – Brushed Titanium$449
Horizon – Gold$499
Horizon – Rose Gold$549
Oura Membership$5.99/month after one-month free membership
Ring OneAll Titanium – Silver$265.11
All Titanium – Black$265.11
All Titanium – Rose Gold$265.11
All Titanium – Gold$265.11
Silver Titanium – Black Ceramic$265.11
Black Titanium – Black Ceramic$265.11
Rose Titanium – Black Ceramic$265.11
Gold Titanium – Black Ceramic$265.11
Silver Titanium – White Ceramic$265.11
Black Titanium – White Ceramic$265.11
Rose Gold Titanium – White Ceramic$265.11
Gold Titanium – White Ceramic$265.11
18 Karat Solid Gold$602.53

Ring One has been open for pre-order for the last few months and is currently open for deliveries from February 2024. It offers exclusive discounts and deals for new users, starting from 15% off on every Muse product. Oura currently ships to North America, Europe, Africa, and Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific regions. Both the smart rings can be ordered from the official websites or through various e-commerce apps and websites like eBay, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, etc. Moreover, unlike Oura Ring, the Ring One does not have recurring membership costs.

Which is the better smart ring?

Ring One is comparatively much more cost-efficient than the Oura Ring Gen3. 

Ring One Vs Oura Ring – Key Differences

Finally, let us highlight the key differences by comparing the unique features between the Ring One and Oura Ring Gen3 to select the better smart ring for you.

FeatureRing OneOura Ring
Weight 6 to 7 grams4 to 6 grams
Charge Time2 hours20 to 80 minutes
Charger Charging caseCharging dock
ECG trackingYes No 
Blood PressureYes No 
Activity ScoreNoYes 
Make PaymentsYes No
Turn Wheel InterfaceYes No
Strain IndexYes No 
Automatic Activity DetectionNoYes 
Scratch ResistantYes No
Stress ResilienceNoYes 
Fertility TrackingYes Yes with Natural Cycles

Choose Ring One if:

  • You want a health monitoring smart ring with NFC features.
  • You are looking for a stylish wearable tech with utmost accuracy.
  • You want a cost-efficient smart ring.

Choose Oura Ring if:

  • You want to stealthily monitor your sleep.
  • You are looking for a lightweight and comfortable wearable tech.
  • You value a holistic approach to health and fitness.

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Wrap Up

Boost your health and wellness monitoring with the right wearable tech. One of the very first steps to ensure a seamless fitness tracking experience is to find the best gadget that complements your fitness journey. Both Ring One and Oura Ring are equipped to handle your holistic health monitoring. So, stop scrolling through the comments about Ring One vs Oura Ring on Reddit forums and choose the best gadget for you using the information explained above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is There Anything Better Than The Oura Ring?

Many fitness trackers offer better features than the Oura Ring, like Fitbits, Garmins, Whoop, Apple Watch, Ultrahuman Ring AIR, Circular Ring, Evie Ring, and Ring One smart ring.

Q2. Is Ring One Really Worth It?

Ring One is one of the few smart rings that offer a combination of health monitoring, and NFC features at cost-efficient prices, which makes the smart ring worth it. 

Q3. Does Oura Ring Have A Competitor? 

Various new smart rings like the Ring One, Evie Ring, Ultrahuman Ring AIR, and Amazfit Helio Ring offer similar features to the Oura Ring and are considered to be competitors to the leading smart ring.

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